These last few weeks, if there’s a name in the fashion world that is on everyone’s lips is the Italian firm Versace. Their eye-catching collections have never gone unnoticed and now, their iconic designs by Gianni and Donatella from the 90’s are back stronger than everdressing all the celebrities of the moment.

Versace’s most characteristic fabric, that print of handkerchiefs, gold and leopard chains, is the order of the day in the Kardashian sisters’ styles, as well as in the red carpet looks of many models such as Gigi Hadid. Italian blogger Chiara Ferragni has also become addicted to these designs and now, at the last MTV VMA’18 gala, Versace reigned thanks to Jennifer Lopez.

Versace rises from the ashes

But these characteristic designs of the Italian firm are not only causing a sensation in the world of luxury, but also have landed in low-cost fashion stores such as Primark, H&M and, of course, Zara.which has made its customers love this new Versace trend thanks to its multiple designs.

In fact, Inditex’s flagship brand was directly inspired by Gianni Versace’s prints in the 90’s and that **Donatella has recovered for its collections for this coming season **autumn-winter 2018 and also for spring-summer 2019.

Zara is inspired by the designs of the 90’s

Currently, among all the novelties in the physical stores and the **Zara website you can find many versions of Versace, which will become real successes **because of their designs and also because of the ‘vintage’ and luxury air that represent these prints so characteristic of the Italian firm.

For example, in the Inditex firm you can find vstiches, skirts and blouses printed with strings, handkerchiefs and baroque motifs in golden colour. All Zara garments stand out for their golden, white and black colours, as well as reds, oranges and greens, which faithfully recall Versace designs and offer the possibility of dressing with the inspiration of Gianni and Donatella. for less than 50 euros, clones of designs exceeding 1,500 euros.