Women who smile despite problems are the most beautiful souls

Smile at life is from very brave women.

Obstacles are inevitable

Storms are inevitable in our lives. We come up against a multitude of obstacles from the moment we are born. Some have stronger battles, others simpler ones.
However, in every life there are moments when our hearts are broken. Some because of family problems, others because of dislikes, and so there are hundreds of reasons.
It is easy to question why we are in certain situations. From no one do we come out completely unharmed, a piece of our heart breaks, and we cease to be the same.

Smiling is heroic

But that’s okay. Nothing in the world is static, and all these battles just make us a stronger, much wiser person. 
From times of fun and stability little is learned. While from tears, and stumbling we draw the most valuable lessons that will make us better. It’s not that you need suffering to learn, but ultimately, it’s the best teacher because you no longer have a choice. When you face an obstacle there is no choice to hide.
You face your problems or you face them, because the world is not going to stop. You cannot let pain control your life because everything will always be dark around you. 
However, if, on the contrary, you explore that pain to find the lessons and not fall into the same mistakes, your life will only shine brighter.
Many times we fall over and over again with the stone without understanding that in that place we only find pain. This happens when we don’t face each other and we don’t dive in.