We must have established schedules for daily feeding. An important part of a healthy intake, in addition to proportions, ingredients and combinations, is the time at which we make each intake.

On the one hand, we should not go too long without food after we wake up in the morning. The same goes for snacks and food. But what’s always in doubt is at dinner, what’s the best time for dinner?

Find out what time is best for dinner

Nutritionists recommend specific times for each meal. That’s why diets usually include two snacks a day. Because the organism must “recharge” itself with energy throughout the day.

Nevertheless, Dinner is different because it happens before we go to sleep.. Sleep well is essential for good health, and the time we eat dinner, as well as what we consume, play a big role in the quality of sleep. That’s why it’s important to know the best time for dinner.

The importance of dinner

It’s not always advisable to go to bed without dinner. In addition to the fact that it seems like a daily punishment for some mothers who send their children to sleep without having tasted the last food of the day, many adults resort to this as a weight-loss strategy. While it has a logic and could work, the truth is that it is not always the best.

During the sleep cycle, the body spends too much time without food and although physical and mental activity decreases, there is effort and energy expenditure. That’s why it’s advisable to have some dinner before bed, but the difference to a healthy dinner lies in what we eat at this time of day and our habits. and timetables for eating this last meal.

So rather than skipping dinner and going to sleep without eating is better to establish a routine of schedules throughout the day and be careful especially with the time of dinner. In addition to this, the foods we eat at the end of the day should be adequate to promote a restful rest and at the same time avoid a drop in sugar levels due to lack of food.

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This is where the importance of dinner lies. But for it to be a moment that favors us and that helps us in our nutrition and health, we have to follow some advice, for example, something very important is the type of food we are going to eat and above all: make dinner at an appropriate time.

The right foods for dinner

You have to be careful what you eat at dinner.. The most important thing is that they are light food, it must be taken into account that the body goes into inactivity and it is difficult to process heavy food, high in fat or sugars. It also makes it difficult to have a deep and refreshing sleep.

Among the foods you should definitely avoid are those high in carbohydrates. In other words, cookies, bread, pizza and industrialized cereals are not a good idea at all. Red meat shouldn’t be eaten at dinner either.. Pasta, rice, potatoes should also be removed at this time. And in general all junk food is discarded.

Fried food should also be discarded at dinner time. As far as alcohol is concerned, it is best to drink it a long time before dinner or at least it is not usual or daily to drink it before going to bed. Although many people claim that drinking some alcohol helps them sleep better, in the long run it is counterproductive.

What you do need to consume is foods that in addition to providing light tryptophan, which helps produce melatonin, the hormone that promotes restful sleep. Some options are: yogurt, milk, cheese, nuts, eggs, chicken and oily fish. Vegetables are always recommended and a salad is also an excellent choice.

Best time to eat dinner

In addition to food, time is of the essence for a good dinner. You shouldn’t eat immediately before going to bed, and there shouldn’t be too many hours between your last meal and going to bed to rest. So you have to create a routine with all the foods of the day.

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Breakfast should be made before 9:30 and it should not be more than two hours after waking up to eat our first meal of the day. Food should not be served beyond 3:00 p.m. And between these meals you must make a collation. It can be a fruit or a handful of nuts.

As far as dinner is concerned, the maximum time for dinner is 21:30.. But it is important that it be done 3 hours before bedtime. So depending on the time when you get used to going to rest, you have to calculate 3 hours before and then eat the last food. So if we sleep at 23:00, then dinner should be no more than 20:00.

Between lunch and dinner there may be a slightly stronger break than a snack, i.e. a snack. You can choose yogurt with fruit or wholemeal bread with cheese. In this way, when you arrive at dinner you will not feel so hungry and it will be enough with the light foods that are recommended for the last food of the day.

So the best thing is to organize a routine with schedules for the three most important meals of the day. With this you will be favoring that the metabolism works properly, that there is no accumulation of fat, that your sleep gives you a really good rest and that you do not feel anxiety to go to bed without dinner to think that with this you will help to lose weight.

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