What is a boutique hotel? And where to find them in Portugal

People who have to travel a lot and live in hotels, sooner or later get bored with the monotonous interior of standard hotel rooms. It seems that they are printed using a photocopier, which destroys the charm and coziness. It is much more pleasant to be in comfortable rooms of boutique hotels. Such establishments are the embodiment of creativity, luxury and exclusivity. They have their own style and are always unique.

The first boutique hotel was opened back in the first decade of the 80s in London. The owner of the cult place was a designer who decided to transform a ruined building and turn it into a hotel for art lovers. The institution gained such popularity that its counterparts began to open up all over the world.

Advantages of boutique hotels

Individual style, exclusivity and excellent service are the key strengths of boutique hotels. Often they are opened in the buildings of former factories, museums, workshops, aircraft hangars and even on ships. This allows you to design a creative image. Guests are welcome to stay in well-appointed rooms that are decorated according to the style of the whole hotel. Guests can immerse themselves in the atmosphere of gangster Chicago of the 20-30s or cultural Lisbon of the early twentieth century.

Boutique hotels accept no more than 15-50 guests at a time, which also emphasizes the status of the institution. Externally, such places can easily be confused with a landmark or monument of architecture. These hotels look spectacular, attractive and unusual. The quality of service at the hotel deserves special attention. An individual approach is applied to each guest. The staff does everything to satisfy even the most unusual whims of the guests. They are picked up from the airport in Lisbon or Porto, have dinner in the best restaurants of the city, VIP tables are reserved for them in night clubs.

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Where to find them in Portugal

Boutique hotels  are usually located in center of every Portugal big city and also in small towns around the country , from where , tourists can have direct access to the shopping and most vibrant areas nearby. Take a close look, because some of these boutique hotels are installed in houses or historical buildings.

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Style and personality

The boutique hotels are characterized by having few rooms – minimum of ten rooms and maximum of 30. In this way, they can provide personalized attention to the client.

What is the difference between a boutique hotel and an ordinary hotel?

The difference is primarily in bold design solutions, the implementation of innovative ideas, sophistication and uniqueness. There will never be a large number of rooms in such an establishment, because the bet is not on the mass, but on the quality of services and conditions for accommodation. Accordingly, the prices are always higher. It justifies the originality and comfort of the hotel.

A boutique hotel is a hotel concept with its own style and character. Each boutique hotel is designed to give a different image.

One of the few points they have in common is that they all seek modernity in their facilities.

Personalized attention

The boutique hotels offer personalized attention to their customers. To meet this objective, they have very few rooms.

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It is important to emphasize that all these features are in line with each other: to fill the gap left by the large hotel chains, adapted to mass tourism. No bustle.

Intimate and cosy

Another distinguishing feature of boutique hotels is strict adherence to the privacy policy. Guests can rest assured that all information not inadvertently heard by the staff will be taken to the grave. Because of this, such hotels are popular with celebrities and serious entrepreneurs who want to hide from the cameras of the press or paparazzi for a while. The boutique hotel will be ideal for those who want to relax in a secluded and relaxing atmosphere.

If in a conventional hotel, the rooms actually are a copy of each other, differing only in the level of equipment and furniture, in a boutique hotel each room is unique. Guests can move into new rooms and each time they will be amazed by their creative interior and design. Exclusivity is the key merit and most important feature of any boutique hotel.