What are the Black Halls for?

Halls tablets are useful to help with some sore throat discomfort. The traditional Halls are made of honey, lemon and menthol. For this reason they are useful for relieving irritation and mild sore throat .

In addition to this flavor, the brand offers a wide variety of flavors, most of them with the characteristic of giving freshness and relief to the throat. But recently the Black Halls have starred in the catalogue, What’s the reason? What are the Black Halls for? Here we tell you all about it.

Find out what black halls are for

If your throat is sore, or you dawned almost voiceless, black halls can help you. These pills contain menthol and eucalyptus in a significant amount, so they are the freshness they provide compared to the rest of the pills of the same brand.

Basically there are three uses of the black halls. Two of them are known and users choose them for their effectiveness, but one of the uses was discovered and popularized informally until the same brand had to recognize and promote it. Do you want to know what else black halls can be used for? Read more

Uses for throat and nasal congestion

An efficient use of the Halls is to relieve nasal congestion. Like the rest of the pills of this brand, are very efficient to relieve sore throat or clear the voice, also to eliminate the odor caused by some types of food. But due to the intense freshness they bring, some people use them to decongest the airways when there is a flu picture. While this is not a substitute for medical treatment, when it comes to a mild cold, they are a great help.

But the black Halls are the most intense of all the variety that the brand has. These clear tablets with menthol and eucalyptus capsules have a lot of freshness in just one of them. For this reason they are recommended to decongest the nose. Its intensity is such that there are people who choose to split the pill and eat only half. So when a cold attacks you, sucking on a few black Halls tablets will bring you relief and help you breathe better, as well as soothe your sore throat.

When these famous Halls black tablets came onto the market, people immediately recognized them as one of the fresher ones. They were quickly placed among the most purchased, and there was no doubt that a single pill was enough to keep you from having problems with congestion for a few hours. But then came the controversy. Many people began to share another use that had nothing to do with coughing, congestion, or bad breath.What else are the Black Halls for?

The sexual side of menthol pills

Many people already know and use black halls in a different way. Unexpectedly, the Black Halls became famous for their use in intimacy. Like a rumor that gradually began to be confirmed, many people insinuated that these pills and their freshness could intensify the pleasure of having oral sex.. It quickly ceased to be a myth: many people confirmed it and gave tips to use them in the moment of intimacy and take full advantage of this peculiar use of black halls.

Why do black halls produce sexual pleasure? As already commented, these pills have a high concentration of menthol and eucalyptus, this produces sensitivity in the palate, but also in the genitals which are already highly sensitive. As with ice, the sudden thermal sensation causes the intensity to increase considerably and with it there is greater pleasure.. This is what caused the rumor about the use of black halls in privacy to spread very quickly.

How are they used in intimacy?

So how are black halls used to increase pleasure? It’s actually very simple:
Simply suck on a black Halls a few seconds before starting the oral stimulation to the couple.. It will be enough to blow slightly on the genitals after having stimulated, the reaction is immediate and although it varies from person to person, for all it is intense and pleasant. A single pill will suffice each time you go to stimulate the area, ie you do not need to consume more than one at the same time.

However, certain precautions must be taken. At the same time that the use of black halls became popular to light the flame at the moment of intimacy, there were rumors of some accidents that could be serious. The greatest risk is asphyxiation. Because the pills are medium sized, having them in your mouth at the same time you have oral sex runs the risk of black halls going down your throat and causing choking. According to some news, a girl who had oral sex with her boyfriend may have had this accident..

Where to find them?

Black Halls are sold just like the rest of the Halls pills. When the use of black Halls to increase pleasure during oral sex became popular, pills became scarce where they were commonly purchased. Some sex shops even began to offer them, although at a price well above the usual. Some online stores also offered them, but at a high cost. However today it is easier to find them and their price is fully affordable.

So don’t look too hard, you’ll find them in almost any store. Although their popularity remains the same and it seems that people continue to use them regularly to increase pleasure in intimacy, it is no longer difficult to find them. Surely you have seen the memes that spoke of this peculiar use of the black Halls, now you can decide if you dare to testify that it is true. Even the brand, realizing that people began to use it more for this purpose, made a publicity allusive to the subject, so it seems to have ceased to be a myth.