Try a cryosauna after training and discover its advantages

Cryotherapy is any treatment that involves the use of freezing or near-freezing temperatures to improve your body resistance and recovering.It is becoming really popular and new techniques are being used to improve the advantages of this procedure. They are being adapted and improved so we can have a hundred percent benefits with no possibility of harming ourselves.

The whole body cryotherapy became really demanded these years because of its health and beauty improving effects. It helps the body recovering after a training, and has been used by the best sportsmen in the world. American teams, famous football players or olympic competitors are using this on a daily basis so they can improve their recovering. But how is this process?

Corporal cryotherapy process

It is based on neuroreflexive processes induced by the intense and brief effect of extreme cold on the body surface, that is a natural healing way to help your body to recover itself. The treatment is based on the application of extremely cold air in shorts periods of time during some minutes so your skin can reach almost 1ºC temperatures. That makes it create some hormones and natural chemical reactions that allow it to recover, reduce pain and helps blood flow. Its comfort is way better than ice baths and generates a well-being sensation thanks to the endorphins generation.

The process is absolutely controlled to prevent any kind of side effect. The reactions on your body can be from pain relief and inflammation to combat body flaccidity or eliminate warts. It is a good medical and aesthetic procedure. It can also be used to lose weight or to smooth your skin. The fat removing by cold is thanks to our own metabolism, that burns it when it is exposed to the cold.

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Fat tissue is made up of cells that accumulate fat in our cytoplasm, or adipocytes. There are three kind of adipocytes. They can be white, brown or beige. Each one of these has a different use and characteristics. The white ones stores energy because of the accumulation of the subcutaneous fat. The brown adipocytes are used to produce heat and maintain the temperature. And the last kind, the beige, is like a midway fat, and it is believed to have thermogenic function as well. Our body burns all these fats from browner to whiter in order to maintain the body temperature between 36ºC and 37ºC.

The temperatures reached by the full body temperature machine forces the metabolism to burn fat and make the temperature constant. This warm up process is caused after you sit in these machines. You just have to sit inside, wait for 2 or 3 minutes and see the results after training. You will be very satisfied with them and you will also get a satisfaction effect.

The use of cold in aesthetic is common, most of the people use ice baths or cold masks to maintain their skin. But not everyone knows that the process with these machines have more than the basic effects. Another effects are the activation of metabolism and circulation, in addition to promoting a series of reactions that rejuvenate the skin in a safe way.

It helps fighting various disorders of the epidermis, eliminates toxins and oxygenates the cells of your body. It has even used in cancer therapies because of its skins advantages. It process of vasoconstriction makes the body communicate with muscles and circulatory system. Then it detoxification by degradation of toxins and enriches the blood. Last thing it makes, is the vasodilatation after leaving the cryosauna. Nutritional substances are transferred by blood easily thanks to this process.

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