Top 6 Coaching Courses in Madrid

Madrid is not simply the largest city in Spain; moreover, as one of the country’s main economic poles, it is also full of options for training and professionalisation in specific areas of work.

In this article we will see some of the best coaching courses in Madrid to work as a coach or to apply these contents to work contexts in companies or personal projects.

The best coaching courses in Madrid

Coaching can be applied to very diverse contexts, which is why there is a wide range of possibilities when it comes to specialising in one of its facets.

In this selection of Coaching courses you will find options for all tastesAll of them can be carried out in Madrid or its metropolitan area.

Course of Practical Methodology in Sports Psychology and Coaching (UPAD Psychology & Coaching)


The centre UPAD Psychology & Coachinglocated in Madrid, organizes twice a year the 6-month Course on Practical Methodology in Sports Psychology and Coaching.

This year’s winter edition, which kicks off on November 23, 2019, teaches the theory and practice of intervention in individual athletes and sports teams. In addition, the course is carried out with reduced courses of maximum 10 people, and is given by experts in coaching applied to sport and Sports Psychology. It also includes an external internship in various sports entities.

Among the topics covered in this coaching course, we find the management of motivation focused on sports performance, techniques of concentration and focus on the goal, Mindfulness and control of anxiety and emotions, prevention and recovery of injuries from the foundations of psychology, and many more.

  • You will find the facilities of UPAD Psychology & Coaching is located in the district of Argüelles, specifically in Calle Rey Francisco.
  • Contact them through their company profile.

2. Executive Coaching Certification Program (EEC)

European Coaching Schoolone of the great references in the training of coaches in Spain, organizes this specialization program in coaching applied to the organizational field, very useful both to become an accredited coach and to work in companies from the role of CEO, Human Resources technician, Organizational Psychologist, or as an intermediate command that supervises teams.

This is a program accredited as ACTP “Accredited Coach Training Program” by the International Coach Federation, at the end of which you obtain the title of Executive Coach by EEC. It deals with aspects such as leadership skills, conflict management at work, the ability to communicate, the establishment of clear plans to develop projects, etc..

3. Course in Learning Agility (The MindKind)

How to make appropriate decisions in environments of high complexity and uncertainty? This course was made by The MindKind is designed especially for CEOs and senior executives who, by the nature of their work, need to address new and specific problems where there is a high degree of ambiguity (especially if it involves team management).

In addition, this training program works from the concept of Learning Agility, based on developing the ability to find the logics that serve to solve problems in the business and work environment.

On the other hand, the training offered by The MindKind can be done both in-company and in natural outdoor contexts.

4. Course on Team Management and Coaching (European School of Lifelong Learning)

This is another of the most recommended coaching courses in Madrid for those who want to learn the facet of the coach focused on managing relationships between people and maintaining group cohesion in work teams. He offers it to us European School of Lifelong Learning.

It takes place in the neighborhood of Justicia (Calle de Santa Brígida), and its objective is an eminently practical one: to master techniques to help all team members be able to orient their work towards the achievement of collective goals, from an organic leadership role.

5. Coaching Certification Program (Center for Coaching Studies)

This coaching course is given by Centre for Coaching Studies has the particularity that it includes coaching sessions carried out in the company of an experienced coach, who supervises the learning process of each student.

It is structured in two levels, and has the recognition of the ICF as ACTP Program, so it is a good way to become professional in this field of work.

In addition, it has several formats to better adapt to different schedules: intensive, work and weekend. The groups are always small, in order to guarantee the most individualized training possible.

The Coaching Studies Centre is located in Calle Núñez de Balboa, in the Madrid district of Salamanca.

6. Course of introduction to coaching (D’Arte Formación)

D’Arte Human & Business School organizes this short coaching training course at its headquarters in Calle Albasanz.

Many of the main questions of the coach’s job are addressed here: what is coaching? What type of role and professional relationship do you have with the coachee? What skills does it help to empower people and teams?