Tips for wearing handbags and not mismatching your outfit

Some time ago, fashion dictated that the handbag, shoes and belt had to be the same color. If this trio was divergent, we were simply not at the forefront. But, things changed. And in this Wellnessbeam article we’ll talk about that essential accessory where we wear everything. Follow these tips to wear handbags and not to clash with your outfit.

Bags and shoes should no longer be the same shade!

Forget about carrying a purse the same color as your shoes. That’s out of fashion, as we just mentioned. In the past it was like a straitjacket to have to combine these elements, plus the belt, the accessories, the lipstick… But, nowadays it’s different.

Fashion has given way to creativity, to the brotherhood of colours, to the authenticity of people. This has resulted in an exquisite mix of combinations and the repeal of a few laws when it comes to dressing.

The bag or wallet, shoes and belt of your clothing no longer have to be the same color. It’s fashion advice you should start following. If you want to look like an expert on this subject, we invite you to follow these suggestions.

Go ahead and buy your bags and shoes without thinking that they have to be the same color. Instead, choose the ones you like best. And if you plan to use them for a particular occasion, make sure they are the same color palette, or that they contrast. For example, a pair of burgundy shoes with a purple bag, or a yellow one with black or electric blue shoes.

Know the types of bags you should not miss

Just as there are basic items of clothing, in the accessories section there are also essential accessories that will get you out of a tight spot. Among the basic types of bags you should have, there are :

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It’s the perfect complement for night outings. It is a small or medium sized rectangular shaped wallet, very similar to an envelope. It has no straps, it is made to be carried in the hand.

The essential colours for this type of wallet are: black, gold and silver. You don’t have to go to a gala meeting or a formal gathering to carry these last two colors. Consider that they go well with almost any other color and attire, regardless of the time, check Versace Jeans rucksacks.

Bucket bag

It was a very fashionable bag model in the 80’s. Its shape is like a sack tied by the mouthpiece with a thin rope, its base is firm. It is generally medium sized, so it suits both tall and short women.

The colors that suit this model best are the bright yellow, electric blue, and fuchsia. Although always the neutral tones come out winning, and should not miss for the less risky: black, brown and gray.


The backpack generally associated with the school season is opening up space in women’s looks. It is a bag with two handles that are placed on men, and goes in the middle of the back. Nowadays you will find them made of leather, with prints and in different sizes.

Tips for wearing handbags and not messing with your outfit

The neutral or basic colors for the bags are black, white, beige and brown. But, even so, we keep thinking how do I combine them with the rest of the colors of my wardrobe? To answer this question, follow these guidelines:

  • A black handbag goes perfectly with almost everything. But, the most indicated colors are red, gray, gold, silver, white and pastel shades.
  • White goes with everything: green, red, blue, as well as black, silver, gold, and warm tones in general. Be careful when combining it with pastel colors, as it can make it look tasteless.
  • Earth-coloured wallets, such as brown and beige, combine with each other. However, even though they are in the same range of tones, those that suit one don’t suit the other.
  • Brown is best combined with crimson, mustard and white. While, beige plays well with pastel green, blue and pink, as well as with black.
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How to combine a patterned bag

Stamping will always be for the brave. Not everyone is suited to certain shapes, colors, and sizes, so it is a risk to have a multicolored clothing accessory. If you are one of these brave people, here are some suggestions to help you make the right combinations for a printed bag.

Carrying a wallet or a bag with colorful details does not mean that your outfit will be eye-catching. Look at which color is predominant in your bag so that your clothes are of that same shade.

You can wear a monochromatic look with a slight contrast. For example, dark green clip-on pants with a light green t-shirt inside and a string bag printed with flowers where the greens predominate.

If you don’t have the dedication to detail the print on your bag, simply bet on dressing in a neutral color and that’s it. Your bag will be the protagonist of your outfit.