Little by little, artificial intelligence is being integrated into our lives and will accompany our daily lives shortly. This steady expansion of AI technology in all areas of life does not stop at football. Fortunately, the immense capabilities of intelligent software products in data mining and management will help players and coaches in the coming years to achieve better results in training and matches.

Better training and match preparation

Artificial intelligence could soon be made available to coaches and players as a digital video assistant. Liverpool FC is one of the first clubs to take a step in this direction and integrate AI technology into football. According to Betway Sportsbook, the English club is collaborating with DeepMind, a company specializing in artificial intelligence programming owned by Google. The collaboration is intended to enable Liverpool FC to obtain extensive information about the team through machine learning. The resulting information and statistics can be used to improve training sessions and match preparation.

The biggest benefit of artificial intelligence in football is that it not only evaluates team-related data but can also reflect personal information. Everything from necessary training sessions to nutrition and optimal sleeping conditions can be calculated and personalized. Thus the club can bring out the best in each player and can help the player in the best possible way. In addition, the intelligent software can provide information in the same way about opposing teams and players, as well as analyze previous matches and tournaments in terms of tactics and mistakes. Finally, the AI is also able to use data mining to make predictions and present model results about future competitions.

Accurate team portraits, personalized player data, match analysis, and model results will help teams optimally organize training programs. Match preparations that take into account both club expectations and player needs can encourage teams to perform better.

Real-time assistance

The coach’s digital assistant can support the team not only during training but also during the match. The possible applications are manifold. In real-time analysis, the coach can learn directly about the success of game tactics on the field and react in time with strategy changes in case of unsatisfactory results. Accurate player analysis on the field can also make communication between players and coaches more effective and lead to timely player changes.

AI technology also promises great things in terms of minimizing on-field injuries. Eventually, sensors placed on players’ bodies will be able to accurately calculate body activity on game day and relay fitness information to the coaching staff. Moreover, the AI could transmit information to the coach about possible injuries after fouls or about tired players during the match and thus initiate early substitutions. This would avoid, as far as possible, absences and long injury breaks of important players.

Data scout football

Another great use of AI in football is in the transfer market, as players will be evaluated from an early age, which will help teams to hire those players that best suit their objectives and style of play.

Data scout football

In conclusion

Artificial intelligence also seems to be conquering the world of football. With data mining and data management, AI technology provides the coaching staff and players with accurate football analytics that can be used to optimize training and match performance. This is why, in addition to DeepMind, in the future, we will hear about other software companies such as SAP Sports One or Just Add AI in connection with football. Because achieving optimal results with the help of algorithms no longer seems like a dream.