Do you want to encourage your partner in bed or warm up the atmosphere with your new flirt? We propose 35 spicy questions to play with friends to never I or to excite your partner.

With these bold and sensual questions you will add a spark of excitement to your relationship and they will also serve you to play bold games with your friends.

The 35 best spicy questions to get your sexy side out

You can make them all or choose the ones that suit you best, but these ones sexy questions will help you warm up the atmosphere with your friends or your partner.

Which part of my body do you like the most?

If you don’t dare to start with spicy questions from the beginning, you can open up with this question about what she likes most about you.

2. What are you wearing when you go to sleep?

This is another subtle question, but one that can reveal a lot and helps to raise the tone of the conversation.

3. Have you ever dreamed of me?

If yes, don’t forget to ask what the dream was about. Maybe he surprises us and ends up telling us an erotic dream with you as the main character.

4. Do you consider yourself a good kisser?

With this question you will know if he is good at kissing and who knows… maybe he encourages you to check for yourself.

What is your most intimate sexual fantasy?

One of the classic spicy questions to get to know your partner better and find out more about their wishes and preferences in bed. Don’t forget that they are still fantasies and don’t be afraid if they surprise you.

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6. What excites you most in bed?

What activity would you most like to experience in bed? Is it more oral sex or penetration? Is there something special or specific that you like the most?

When did you have your first sexual experience?

It’s not about when she lost her virginity, but when she started experiencing sexual excitement or sex-related experiences.

8. What is the movie scene that puts you the most?

This spicy question can give you a lot of clues as to what excites you most. We don’t mean porn movies, but erotic scenes from any movie. If it’s going to cheer up, you can offer to see her together.

9. What song would you like to have a striptease with?

Is there a song I can imagine you doing a striptease with? Then you’ll know how to surprise him next time.

10. Where would you like to have sex?

Most sexual intercourse takes place in bed, but you may be more excited about other stays or other places. Where would you most like to do it?

11. Have you ever had relationships in a public place?

Another one of the best spicy questions I’ve ever asked. help you find out more about the other personAre you bold? What experiences have you had?

12. Are you more of lights off or on?

Do you like to maintain relationships without light? Or do you prefer good lighting to better see what is happening?

Ideal daring questions to play me never with your friends.
Ideal daring questions to play me never with your friends.


Do you enjoy the preliminaries or are you getting to the point?

It is important to know if the other person is from “here I catch you here I kill you” or enjoys the moments before penetration. This lets you know what he’ll pay more attention to once you’re in bed.

14. Do you prefer to dominate or be dominated?

This bold question will help you know if you like to control in bed. Find out whether to let him take the baton or to encourage you to give him instructions!

15. What type of lingerie excites you the most?

Classic underwear, suspenders, babydolls, skirts, leather… Do you have a preference for clothes you can wear in bed? Maybe it can help you to visit the store and surprise him the next time you meet.

What is the most erogenous part of your body?

Your partner will have certain points that will make him tremble with pleasure if you caress them or kiss them. Ask him this spicy and daring question to find out which areas drive him crazy.

17. How often do you masturbate?

One of the most intimate spicy questions you can ask is to know how often you give yourself pleasure. Not all men have the same need.

18. Do you like watching porn?

Y if you like to give yourself pleasureWhat kind of videos turn you on? What are your preferences? This question gives rise to many others that give you a lot of information about their preferences.

19. Do you like to be excited by words?

The dirty talk during sex can be an element of stimulation for the other person. Find out with this spicy question if you should pull your tongue and high-pitched words to excite him.

20. What phrase would put you to 100 in bed?

Y if you like high-pitched conversationsWhat phrases turn him on most in bed? What could you tell him to put him to 100?

21. What would you like me to surprise you with in bed?

What could you do again in bed that was not expected and that he would like to be done? You may be the one who ends up being surprised by his answer.

22. Have you ever practiced cybersex?

You can make an erotic chat conversation in a very short time. Especially if there are webcams involved. Have you ever experienced it?

23. Would telephone sex excite you?

What about phone sex? Maybe he prefers the high-pitched conversation over the phone if he likes to hear your voice. Find out with this spicy question.

24. What has been your most embarrassing experience in bed?

The answer to this question may not be very sexy, but it will certainly be fun and you will help to intimidate and create a relaxed atmosphere.

25. And what has been your most exciting experience?

With this other question we will also be able to know what situations he has experienced, as well as what sexual activities have excited him the most.

Ideal to create moments of intimacy with the couple.
Ideal to create moments of intimacy with the couple.


26. Have you ever used sex toys in bed?

If you like to experiment, you may have used erotic toys or other sexual devices at some point. If not, would you like to experiment with them?

27. Have you ever had a threesome?

Know if you have performed one of the most recurring sexual fantasies for both sexes may also be one of the hottest questions.

28. Would you dare to try the BDSM?

Sometimes it’s not enough to know if you like to dominate or be dominated. You may go a little further and what you like is the practice of bondage, domination or submission in sexual relations.

29. What is your favorite position?

Which postures do you prefer to perform the sexual act? Do you like the classics or do you dare to try the ones that seem impossible? Take note of your answers and put them into practice!

30. Do you know how to give pleasure to a girl?

This question will definitely raise the temperature between you.especially if you ask him to describe how he does it. Let him seduce you!

31. What is the most daring thing you have done in bed?

Another of the hot questions to find out how much you’ve experienced in your relationships and what experiences you’ve had so far. How far do you go?

32. Have you ever had anal sex?

Has the other person experienced this type of sex? Has he had it? Has he had it? Has he had it? And if you haven’t… Would you like that?

33. Would you be able to make me reach orgasm just by touching my breasts and kissing me?

Women are able to reach orgasm with other types of stimulation beyond penetration or stimulation of the clitoris. Would he be able to achieve it?

34. If I were now bound, what would you like to do to me?

A very hot question to let your imagination run wild and to be encouraged to explain in detail what he would like to make you feel.

35. And if it were you who were bound, what would you want them to do to you?

Same question, but the other way around. Let him imagine what he would like to experience in that moment and who knows, maybe he encourages you to put it into practice in the moment.