The 25 most beautiful and romantic ways to say “I love you

We can go beyond “I love you” with some of these ways of expressing it. One of the best things we can do for the people we love is tell them and show them our feelings. And to do that, we can be creative and original.

We’ve prepared a list of the 25 most beautiful and romantic ways to say “I love you.”. For a friend in difficulty, for our parents or children, for our partner on a special day or simply to let him or her know that we think of him or her.

Discover other romantic ways to say “I love you.”

Words come directly to the soul, when in turn they are spoken from the heart. That is why it is so important to express our emotions openly, because the power of the word is so great that it can be healing and repairing.

There are phrases to say “I love you” in many different ways. In today’s article you will find some ideal for any day and occasion. There are actions and ways to express our love even without words, the important thing is always to let the person we love know that our feelings are present.

1. Sending a message on a complicated or stressful day

When someone is going to face a challenge, such as a new job, a complicated exam, the resolution of a problem… sending a message showing support is a way of saying “I love you”.

2. Bring a souvenir of a trip

If you go on a trip, one way to say “I thought of you” is to bring a souvenir that you like. It doesn’t have to be something bought, maybe a picture of something that reminded you of that person or some flower you dried especially for him or her.

3. Giving space

One way to say “I love you and trust you” is to give it space when it’s needed.. As part of our human nature, there are times when we need to move a little away from all or specific situations. Respecting that space is a way of demonstrating love.

4. Acknowledging achievements

When we love someone, we wait for his recognition. This feeds our soul very much, for sharing the successes with those we love tastes even better. For this reason, when we love someone, we must let them know by recognizing their achievements and qualities.

5. Sharing interests

One way to say “I love you” is to pay attention to their interests and share them. Maybe you don’t like them at all, but you can share information you found on the web, or ask and pay attention to what he says: that’s a good way to show interest.

6. To accompany in the not so pleasant moments

From boring procedures to complicated family situations. Being present in bad times is one of the best ways to say “I love you”. It is to be in solidarity and present for a genuine affection and interest.

7. Make time to see each other even for a moment

It doesn’t matter if you have to travel long distances to see each other for just a few minutes. If it’s someone you love, it’s worth it. It is a very romantic way of expressing our love without thinking about “spending time or money”. Feelings are above these economic calculations.

8. Prepare a surprise

From a party to an outing or a walk. Whether for one of your children, your parents or your partner, surprising them in the middle of the routine is a beautiful and unforgettable detail. It can be a date at the park for an aperitif or a birthday party.


9. Make a special craft

It doesn’t have to be something very complex if you don’t have the skill, the important thing is the detail.. It can be something personalized that bears your name or something related to your favorite characters or hobbies. The goal is to make something craftsmanship that has more value than something purchased.

10. Taking care of illness

Whenever the person agrees, one way to say “I love you” is to take care of them while they are sick. Bringing tea to bed when you have the flu, or helping with household chores, are ways to support you during illness.

11. Cooking

Even if we’re not too good at cooking, there’s always something simple we can prepare. But if you’re a master of gastronomy, then you can show off with a special dish that will delight that person you love so much.

12. To leave you an unexpected detail

A post it with a special message at work, in your lunchbox or in an unexpected place at home. The objective is to surprise you with a phrase that makes you feel good and accompanied during the day.

13. Keep something representative of the relationship

The ticket of the first trip they made together, a photo or something that remembers a moment or a stage of the relationship. With the passage of time and years, taking that object out and remembering together will undoubtedly make the bonds of affection even closer.

14. To help in some work

When the workload is too heavy, a good way to say I love you is to support. Whether from work or household chores, coming together to carry out the chores will always be very welcome.

15. Fulfill a dream or longing

We all have some plan we haven’t been able to carry out.. A balloon ride, a special trip, some extreme activity… An unforgettable gift would be to be able to plan everything so that this yearning is fulfilled.

16. A public expression of love

Although some are embarrassed, it is one of the most romantic ways to show love. It could be a serenade, bringing a big, colorful gift to your workplace or school, or a huge sign expressing love for that person. Not for the shy!

17. Photo session

Preparing a special photo session will become an unforgettable moment. Either with a professional photographer or with a mobile phone with a high quality camera. The objective is to prepare a moment and a stage to have fun and record everything in photos.

18. Send unexpected messages

Without it being a special day, sending a romantic message is another way of saying “I love you”. Unexpectedly, at a time of day when you may know you are busiest, sending a short but romantic message is a very special detail.

19. Recreate a childhood memory

Childhood is one of life’s happiest moments, and it’s always good to remember it. One way to say “I love you” pretty and romantic is to recreate some very happy episode from childhood. It can be recreated vividly, or simply remembered together.

20. A kiss and hug every day

Have a rule at home: at least a kiss and a hug we give each other every day. It’s a nice way to maintain a close and loving relationship between everyone. Don’t forget to greet and kiss each other goodbye, and don’t forget to give each other a hug every day.

21. Giving a Phrase as a Gift

There are many special gifts, a phrase is one of them. Have you given away a phrase? All you have to do is look for an inspiring phrase that you like for that special person. You can have it engraved, embroidered or printed on a T-shirt.

22. Singing together

Of the funniest and most romantic things to express love and affection. Singing together is a good excuse to laugh and express what they feel. It can be public or private, the goal is to be a special moment between the two.

23. A gift every day

To celebrate a birthday or an anniversary you can do this dynamic. It’s about making a different gift each day for a month or a few weeks. Gifts can be simple but representative of special moments in the relationship.

24. Public recognition for an achievement

Telling the world that we recognize what that person did is a way to demonstrate our love. You can share on your social networks some achievement or recognition you got and express how proud you are.

25. Create a special language or code

Something that makes us feel close is having a special secret code.. Invent words that mean “I love you” or a language that only lovers know. It can be with your partner, only between the family or between parents and children.