In order to have beautiful hands one must pay special attention. Although they can sometimes go unnoticed, well-kept hands with the right look manage to capture the glances of both men and women.

To have beautiful hands you have to do the manicure at least once a month, there are different types of manicure that we will see in this article. Some are more focused on skin care and keeping nails well cared for, while others focus more on nail color and design.

The 15 types of manicure (for caring and looking hands and nails)

The different types of manicure that exist respond to different objectives. Maybe you don’t like having color in your nails or just feel that it doesn’t go with you, but even so the care of the hands should not be missing.

Performing the manicure treatment once a month will do you good and you will feel the difference. On the other hand, if your thing is color there is now a wide variety of styles for all tastes and personalities.

Manicure Treatment

Manicure treatment is focused on massaging, exfoliating, and moisturizing hands and nails.. The basic procedure is to cut and file the nails, take care of the cuticle and apply enamel. The objective is to give special attention to the skin of the hands.

There are different types of manicure treatment for hands. Which one is best for you? That will depend on your lifestyle or skin type. Choose the type of manicure that best suits you.

1. Paraffin

Paraffin manicure is ideal for dry nails. It consists of putting your hands in a container with hot paraffin wax for a few minutes. Paraffin wax hydrates the skin, cuticle and nails, preventing them from looking dull and breaking.

When the hands are removed from the paraffin, a light massage is given to the hands and an oil is applied to hydrate. The nails are cut, filed and the cuticle is pushed. This type of manicure should be applied in a beauty center, because the paraffin that is used is special and you will not be able to find it easily.

2. Hot Stones

Hot stones have therapeutic effects. Like a body massage of this type, this manicure consists of placing two hot stones on the back of the hand. The aim is to relax the hands and reduce joint pain.

After applying the hot stones, the hands are massaged and moistened with special oils. Afterwards, the basic manicure is performed: cutting nails, filing and pushing cuticle.

3. Rehabilitant

A rehabilitative manicure is ideal for hands with extra dry or damaged skin.. To carry out this treatment the hands are immersed in a container with aloe vera and a special seaweed for manicure. Once the hands are removed from the container, the mixture is removed and an exfoliant is applied.

The objective is to soften and eliminate dead cells that cause the skin to look opaque. This treatment is used when the skin of the hands has been damaged by different factors. Being exposed to very low temperature changes is one of the reasons people suffer from dry hands.

4. Spa

Spa manicure is the most complete treatment. It includes one of the above treatments as a first step, which is relaxation. Afterwards, the hands are massaged with aromatic oils with salts, or with special moisturizing masks for the skin of the hands.

After the massage the hands are exfoliated with salt, wrapped in warm towels and then rinsed to apply a mask. Finish this manicure by cutting and filing the nails, and then push the cuticle and apply nail polish if desired – your hands definitely deserve to try the spa manicure at least once!

Design Manicure

Design Manicure focuses on applying color or design to nails. It is a type of manicure that takes more into account concepts of beauty, but before applying this form of manicure before you must apply one of the above to cut the nails, file and push the cuticle.

With the manicure design nails can be trimmed in different shapes: square, round, oval, almond, ballerina and stiletto. In addition, there is a wide range of colours, textures and glosses.

5. Basic

For the basic manicure only apply two coats of enamel of the color you choose. At the end we add another layer, but of transparent enamel to protect and increase the brightness. Without a doubt a totally feasible option to have an aspect of nails taken care of with a point of design.

6. French

French manicure one of the most classic forms. In this type of manicure is like the basic but the tip of the nail is painted white enamel and then apply transparent enamel on the rest of the nail. Now there are variations of this style, as it includes color on the tip instead of white, or combination of matte with gloss.

7. Corner

The corner design consists of applying a different color to the rest in the corner of the nail.. You can play with the position of this contrast by placing it at the bottom, top, right or left. It’s an option that’s been gaining followers over time.

8. Black nails

Black nails have become very popular. Now not only are covered only in black, the matte enamel is combined with the gloss or gold or silver strips are adhered, there are different types of combinations.

9. Decorated

Decorated manicure is the most elaborate and modern thing. Over time it has replaced the application of stones and flowers to give way to more options, some fun. Stamped adhesives are used or simple decorations are made using a toothpick to draw, for example, mandalas or geometric figures.

10. Frame

Frame Manicure Design Requires High Accuracy. It is necessary to mark a fine line with a color that contrasts with the one used as a base. It is applied all around the nail after the nail polish has been applied all over the nail.

11. Gradient

Gradient manicure is very artistic. It consists of combining two colors and apply them on the nail mixed so that the change between one color and another is diffuse. It’s a kind of manicure that has a modern look.

12. Feng Shui

Feng Shui nail design highlights the ring finger. According to Feng Shui, the ring finger is the one that represents love and harmony, so this philosophy has been used to decorate or paint the ring finger in a different way than the rest of the nails.

13. Metallic

Metallic manicure design has become very popular. These are enamels with metallic colors that are applied directly on the nail. Although they don’t have much duration, the effect they achieve is incredible and worth it even if it’s only for a few days.

14. Gel

Gel manicure is an excellent choice if you don’t want to have your nails painted frequently.. With this technique you apply gel enamel of the color that you like. It is dried with a special lamp, and lasts one month during which it maintains the brightness. It is advisable to have it applied in a nail salon.

15. Acrylic

If you like long nails and long lasting manicures, acrylic manicure is for you.. Use a brush to apply acrylic liquid and then add a little acrylic powder. It is applied on the nail and also on a mold that will give the shape of the long nail. The acrylic is already coloured, decorative adhesive can also be added.

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