The 15 kinds of beard a man can have

Men with beards continue to stand out among the most attractive. Many celebrities prefer to wear it because they know that women love it. Of course, it is always expected to be a well-groomed beard with a style that favors whoever wears it … and it is not always so.

There are different types of beards that each man can wear to achieve a personal style. To choose one style or another, one must take into consideration the natural birth of the beard and moustache, the shape of the face and the time available for its care and arrangement.

The 15 types of beard that men can wear

It is said that men with beards flirt more. While many women say they don’t like it on the grounds that it looks unhygienic or misaligned, in reality a neat, well-groomed, trimmed beard makes men look very attractive. Besides, this isn’t just an impression anymore: several scientific studies demonstrate that bearded men are perceived as more attractive.

Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp, Ryan Gosling or Robert Downey Jr. (in the photograph) are some of the actors who demonstrate that a stylish beard achieves a distinguished demeanor in the wearer. Therefore, before letting it grow, you must choose between these 15 types of beard, to know which suits you best.

Robert Downey Jr.

1. Long full beard

Long full beard suits thin men very well. Of the types of beard that exist, this is one of the most common. Just let the beard grow and outline the boundaries of cheeks and neck. It must grow “even”, that is, neither the tip nor the ends protrude. It takes a lot of care not to look like a sloppy beard.

Long full beard

2. Circular beard

The circular beard or goatee is a simple style to maintain. It consists of surrounding the mouth with the beard and moustache forming a circle and shaving the rest. It is a type of beard ideal for a square face. However, there are men who do not “close” their beards and could not form the circle. In that case it might be better to choose some other similar style.

3. Short square beard

A short square beard is ideal for a neater look.. It is similar to the complete beard but the lateral parts are aligned leaving a thickness of 3 cms approximately. It should look well aligned and take care that the length of hair is the same and is short from the sideburns to the moustache and chin to look well shaved.


4. Three-day beard

To complete a style of careless appearance, the three-day beard is ideal. Many women find the “bad boy” style attractive, which looks a little disinterested in its appearance. To get that look, the three-day beard is a great ally. Just let the whole beard grow and go down with the shortest level of the shaving machine.


5. Bandholz beard or prism

The Bandholz beard is an extravagant style for those who want to stand out from the rest.. It’s a very long, thick beard. It must be allowed to grow for at least 4 months without cutting or trimming, and then go giving shape, either more square or round but keeping the maximum length. The whiskers are also long, although some people prefer to cut them a little.


6. Horseshoe beard

The horseshoe beard gives a rough and very attractive look. This type of beard consists of prolonging the moustache downwards on the sides of the mouth without closing at the chin, i.e. forming an inverted horseshoe around the mouth. It is a style relatively easy to get and little care, yes, very eye-catching and original.


7. Balbo Beard

The balbo beard has become popular thanks to the character of Iron Man. It requires great precision to achieve it because it is characterized by straight and square shapes very well profiled. In the area of chin and chin has a very fine line. The also very thin moustache that does not join the rest of the beard. It is a type of beard that reflects a very neat and well cared for style.


8. Verdi Beard

The Verdi beard has a touch of eccentricity and elegance not suitable for the shy.. This beard inspired by the composer Giuseppe Verdi, and has taken great popularity in recent years. It is a complete and long beard with an equally long moustache and with the characteristic that the ends of the moustache are a little curly to raise them and give it the distinctive touch.

Verdi Beard

9. Beard mutton chops

The mutton chops beard is not lacking in originality. This type of beard was popularized by Lemmy, the singer from Motörhead. It is the opposite of the padlock beard as it leaves the knob area free and joins the moustache with long sideburns. This style can be attenuated by leaving the sideburns lowered and the moustache with a beard effect of three days.


10. Beard royale

The royale beard is a simple but distinguished style, ideal for diamond-shaped faces.. It consists of a thin, well-profiled moustache, a small tuft under the lip and the base of the chin or knob well trimmed, and may be a little pointy or more square. It does not require much care, although it must be trimmed frequently to maintain its shape.


11. Beard in chin band or Dutch

The chinband beard is a practical and neat style. It is very simple to do and to maintain, as it only consists of drawing a middle line from the sideburns and removing the moustache and tuft under the lip. It is important to maintain the same length throughout the beard and that it is medium. Neither too low nor too long, so as not to lose the good style.


12. Goat beard

The goat beard is for a more informal and unattached style. To achieve this type of beard just let grow the beard of the goatee and remove the moustache along with the rest of the beard. It can be kept very trimmed or achieve a more striking style if it is allowed to grow more to achieve precisely a beard similar to the one the goats have.

Goat beard

13. Barba old dutch

The old dutch beard is one of the most popular types of beard that have gained popularity.. It is a style of beard that requires care to keep it clean and with a good style. This beard is long and very thick but without a moustache. It can be left long from the sideburns or you can choose to trim a little in that area and leave longer at the bottom.


14. Small knob

The small knob is an ideal beard for square-shaped faces.. This style of beard has the advantage that it is very practical and does not require complex care but can achieve an interesting style. Simply let it grow from the bottom of the mouth to the base of the chin and trim a mustache and beard without trimming in the middle of the goatee and mouth. Do not forget that it is better to profile and define very well so that it looks well cared for.


15. Ducktail beard

The ducktail style beard is a derivative of the long bearded styles.. This type of beard is one of those that require continuous care in order not to look untidy. It consists of a short beard on the sides but growing towards the tip of the chin where it reaches its maximum length. To achieve this, let it grow and then cut diagonally to achieve the tip.


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