The 10 types of lipstick (according to their presentation and finish)

Lipstick may be the oldest and most widely used makeup item in the world.. It is known that the women of ancient Mesopotamia already wore lipsticks. They have mutated and evolved according to the fashions of thousands of generations, helping women to look and feel beautiful.

Selecting the perfect lipstick for you can sometimes take time and you need to try several. The ideal lipstick has the color, tone, texture and material makes us feel comfortable according to our needs. In this article you will find the types of lipsticks that exist according to their presentation and finish.

The 5 types of lipstick according to their presentation

The components, textures, colors and presentations have changed according to the trends of each era.. Sometimes we want the color of the lipstick to stand out above everything else, and in other situations we look for a color that looks natural and makes it look like we’re not wearing makeup.

However, in addition to color, today there is a wide variety of presentations. How to choose between so many options? Take into account if your lips tend to dry out, if they are thin or poorly defined, and even your pace of life. These factors may help you choose which type of lipstick best suits your presentation.

1. Bar

The lipstick bar is the most common of all. It is the classic lipstick and without any difficulty you will find different brands, costs and tones. In general, the consistency is usually creamy, although there are some with a matt and permanent effect that are harder or dryer.

The advantage of the lipstick bar is that they can last several months and take up little space in your cosmetics bag. In addition, there are all budgets, and thanks to the shape of this type of lipstick is easy to delineate the mouth using the tip of the bar.

2. Eyeliner pencil

The eyeliner pencil is perfect for defining the contour of the lips.. It is indeed a lipstick that now has a real pencil shape, and you can make the tip as thin as you need. There are creamy and a little harder, and the variety of colors is wide.

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This pencil is ideal if you have the feeling that your lips are not very defined. You can use it by sharpening the tip to trace the entire line of your mouth’s shape. If you delineate out of them, you make your lips look thicker. With the same pencil you can fill in the rest of your lips or look for a lipstick when filling in (of the same colour or not).

3. Liquid lipstick

This type of lipstick became popular because it had colors with a “wet” effect.. There are now liquid lipsticks that have matte or permanent colors. Most are applied with a small brush that is included.

Other forms of liquid lipstick are roll-on or have a container similar to toothpaste. Its application can be complicated, especially when delineating contours, and also requires constant retouching. The good thing is that it has more moisture and creaminess than other presentations.

4. Cream

Cream lipsticks have been gaining ground little by little. You can find them in jars similar to those of facial creams and they are applied with a small brush. They are ultra creamy when applied, and most have shiny tones. Although they are not permanent, they have a high duration.

Cream lipsticks combine the precision of the eyeliner pencil and the creamy texture of bar lipsticks. The brush to apply can be very thin to help contour the lips, and usually comes with a thicker one to fill in the rest comfortably.

5. Marker

The felt-tip pen is something like an object that is used to highlight texts.. This lipstick presentation is recent and has many advantages. It’s literally like you’re highlighting something with a marker. All you have to do is uncover it and run its tip through your lips.

Most of these lipsticks are semi-matte and permanent (or semi-permanent), and are almost as durable as bar lipstick. It is very easy to apply and delineate the lip contour with a lipstick type labeled, and is very practical to carry in your bag.

The 5 types of lipstick according to their finish

Maybe you want to choose your favorite lipstick according to the finish you want to get beyond the form of presentation. Perhaps you want to be able to choose it on special occasions or for your day to day, the question is that you feel more comfortable e in your choice.

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In addition to choosing your favorite option, to achieve a better finish you can use a lip balm. This product is used to moisturize them prior to the application of lipstick, thus achieving to enhance its effect. Remember also to choose products that do not contain chemicals harmful to the skin.

6. Permanent or semi-permanent

Permanent or semi-permanent lipsticks do not require continuous retouching. Some even last up to 24 hours. They’re ideal if you want to forget to check your makeup throughout the day. However, these lipsticks are usually very dry and dehydrate the lips in prolonged use. To reduce this problem you can use a humidifier beforehand.

7. Mate

The matt finish is ideal for a sober look. Whether light, intense or darker tones, matt conveys elegance, firmness and seriousness. The disadvantage of lipsticks with a matt finish is that they tend to be very dry. Most of them are permanent, so you won’t have to be touching them up.

8. Semi-mat

Semi-matte lipstick type manages to reduce the feeling of dryness. Almost every lipstick brand that exists has a semi-matt line. They do not achieve the full matt effect, but instead provide greater wetting. It has a great durability; as with matt you won’t have to be constantly retouching.

9. Creamy

Creamy lipstick is the most common type.. The advantage of this option is that it has a very wide range of colors. In addition, thanks to its consistency your lips will feel soft and smooth. The only problem is that they require constant retouching, but the intensity of the colors is worth it. No pre-wetting is required.

10. Brilliant

Lipsticks with a glossy finish are usually presented in liquid form.. Some of these lipsticks have no color, they are simply a shine that you can add to a creamy, matte or semi-matt lipstick. Maybe you like the tone, but you want more shine. In addition they give volume, and achieve a sensual and fresh effect that surely you will want to try at least once.

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