After the wedding celebration, the honeymoon must be celebrated.. The truth is that the party sometimes generates a lot of stress. While it is exciting and there is much joy in sharing with the family, when it ends the nerves and anxiety go away.

Then it’s time to enjoy the honeymoon.. It is usually a trip that takes place just after the end of the wedding celebrations. Most couples choose the beach, but there is much more.

Here we explain the different types of honeymoons you can choose.

The 10 types of honeymoons you can enjoy

The honeymoon doesn’t have to be the same for everyone. It’s a time to enjoy each other, but for that you have to do something that you both agree on and that you find stimulating. You don’t have to do what everybody does, because we don’t all like the same thing.

We have to talk to each other about what would be your ideal time to spend together. It is important and necessary that you take that time together in intimacy, to enjoy and get to know each other even more. For that they can choose between the different types of honeymoons that they could choose.

1. On the beach

The classic honeymoon on the beach is always a good idea. For classic tastes, going to the beach and staying in an all-inclusive resort will be relaxing and tranquil. It is ideal for after a busy season of wedding and party planning.

Many hotels include special services for lovers on their honeymoon. Massages, spa, special rooms, romantic dinners and lots of free time on the beach to rest and forget the haste.

2. Ecotourism

An Ecotourism Trip is an Excellent Idea for the Honeymoon. For lovers of nature and to keep moving, planning a tour of places where you can be in contact with nature and perform activities respectful of the environment is an excellent alternative.

Take a hike through the mountains, stay in a sustainable mountain without TV or WiFi, go for a bike ride, go camping… In some places, guided visits are even made to get to know the flora and fauna in a respectful way.


3. Backpack

Millennial couples have chosen to make backpack trips to the shoulder. It is a question of visiting different cities or countries taking advantage of the budget to the maximum. Leaving aside luxuries to know more places carrying everything in a backpack.

Whether the trip is made through the country where they live, or if the budget allows it, launching into a different continent or country. If you are one of the couples who like adventure and like to get tired and walk a lot, this type of honeymoon is for you.

4. Fun in the city that never sleeps!

There’s no place like VegasHow about a honeymoon in the city that never sleeps? All over the world you won’t find a similar atmosphere. Casinos, shows, nightlife and shopping… all together in one place.

They can also remarry in the classic Las Vegas chapels. What about the memory of Elvis Presley as the judge of their wedding? For partying couples who love excitement, Las Vegas is the ideal honeymoon.

5. Have fun like children

What if we go to Disney? It’s not really just a place for kids. It will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience. There are attractions for all tastes and you will feel back to your childhood taking pictures with characters from your favorite movies.

There are many packages that offer flight, lodging and various attractions. You have to make a plan to make the most of it and visit the attractions you like best. It’s a different way to spend your honeymoon and I’m sure you’ll always remember.

6. Shopping

A honeymooner thinking more about practicality. The truth is that the money spent on the wedding and then on the honeymoon is a considerable amount. When expenses are tight, it may be a better idea to invest in other things.

One idea is to buy everything you need for the house. Being able to take several days to visit different places and put together a decoration plan, can also be a way to spend time together while you furnish your new home to your liking.

7. Doing philanthropic work

Giving back a little of how much we have is a beautiful way to spend your honeymoon.. Many couples have been inclined to take advantage of the time after the wedding celebration, to do some kind of work in favor of a vulnerable community or contribute to some just cause.

Even going to some other country or a nearby place where there is some kind of need they can contribute. No doubt it is an experience that enhances the spirit and that will unite you more as a couple.

Charity trip

8. Adventure

If you are an extreme couple, an adventure honeymoon is for you.. There are many places in each country that offer many extreme activities in one place. Tirolesas, parachute, rappel, descent of rivers, in short, everything that turns out to be an unforgettable adventure.

It is also an ecotourism honeymoon, because normally these activities are done in natural places that will allow you to be in contact with nature. But in this type of honeymoon the goal is to do sports and activities that speed up the heart.

9. Protect yourself from the outside world

How about a honeymoon where they forget the world completely? The famous tattooist Kat Von D shared with her followers a very peculiar type of honeymoon, according to her style. She and her husband took shelter in a medieval castle for 15 days without contact with anyone.

This is a good idea if you like silence and peace. You can look for a cabin or a house away from everything and take everything you need to spend the days there without leaving. The idea is to spend some time taking long baths, reading and resting from everything and everyone.

10. Road trips

Instead of a backpack trip, you can opt for a honeymoon on wheels. The idea is to drive a route. They can plan the road or just jump into the adventure and take the road to see how far they go.

Another alternative is to do it on a motorcycle. Here the fun is in the tour and not so much in the destination. It is a question of making stops from time to time to rest and to know a little the place before following the way.