The women’s sexual fantasiesAs is often the case with almost everything related to the female sex, they are the great forgotten or are often considered a taboo subject. However, fantasy and imagination are a necessary and healthy part of our sex lifeand we all have our own.

There are also a series of fantasies and representations that are repeated in the imaginary of many women, so we have developed a list with the most common Are yours among them?

These are the most common female sexual fantasies

Below we present a ranking with examples of sexual fantasies that most women usually have, although many may be ashamed to admit it.

1. To be mastered

The first thing that comes to one’s mind is Fifty shadows of Greybut it’s no less. Much of the success of this trilogy of books and films is due to the fact that this is actually one of the most common and widespread sexual fantasies of women.

Being submissive to the couple in bed is very exciting for many women.Whether imagining themselves immobilized during relationships, practicing bdsm or even fantasizing about being forced.

Don’t forget that what characterizes fantasies is precisely their imaginative condition and even unachievable in many cases, so they should not always be taken as something that might be desirable in reality or equivalent to a fetish.

2. Master

And in the same way that the idea of submission can put a hundred, being the one on the other side and mastering is just as exciting. Taking control of the situation in bed and giving orders to the partner is another of the most common sexual fantasies of women.

Sex with strangers

The idea of meeting and maintaining relationships with a mysterious stranger is very attractive to many women. Those who fantasize about this imagine meeting a stranger. to be able to go to a hotel to live a night of unbridled sex, and then never meet again.

4. Sex with acquaintances… and forbidden.

Another of the sexual fantasies of women that is most repeated is that of sleep with someone you know outside of the couple. And the more forbidden it is, the more exciting! In those cases he is usually your boyfriend’s best friend, a co-worker, a teacher or your boss.

The idea of crossing that red line is very stimulating and is one of the most common sexual fantasies of women.

5. Sex in public or forbidden places

Sleeping with someone in a public place or forbidden places is also among the most popular female sexual fantasies. The risk of being hunted or where it doesn’t touch, adds a spark of excitement. to the fantasies of many women.

6. Sex for money

For many women what can excite them is the fantasy of being strippers or prostitutes. This provocative sexual fantasy of many women is explained by the fact that becoming a sexual object for which men would pay, makes them feel wanted and stimulates them.

7. Trio

And another very common sexual fantasy, both in women and men, is that of being part of a trio. If in men the most popular is to be with two women, for women the most imagined is to sleep with two men. This allows them to fantasize about receiving all kinds of pleasure. and with many possible combinations.

8. Group sex

And just as trios are usually desired, it seems that adding more factors to the equation is another of the recurring female fantasies. Group sex is a very erotic experience to imagine. for many women, who will find the idea of receiving stimuli from several people at the same time exciting.

9. Lesbian sex

Many heterosexual women are often curious about what the sexual experience with other women should be like, so it’s not surprising that this is one of the most common fantasies. The idea of sleeping with someone of the same sex is very attractive because it is before someone who knows the female body well, because it can be more aware of what excites us.

10. Exhibitionism

Seeing or being seen is also among the most common sexual fantasies. For many women, it can be very exciting to know that they are being observed. while having sex with their partner. In the same way, there are also those who find it very erotic to observe other couples at their most intimate moment.

Now you know what the deepest and most forbidden desires of many women are… Are yours among these?