Are you looking to get pregnant and want to ensure greater success from the start? Getting off on the right foot when it comes to picking up a baby can help you get there more quickly. That’s why we explain what they are the best sexual postures to get pregnant more easily.

These positions do not assure the conception of a child, but they do facilitate deep penetration and that sperm remain longer in the cervix, thus increasing the chances that it will reach an egg and you may become pregnant.

The 10 best sexual postures to get pregnant

These are the postures that allow greater penetration and will be the best way to facilitate the arrival of sperm into the uterus.

1. Missionary

The most classic pose is also one of the sexual postures to get pregnant more easily. With the woman lying down and the couple on top, penetration is comfortable for both, easy to perform and allows the cervix to settle in to receive all the sperm.

It is also a very romantic posture for conceiving a babysince being both of them in front the visual contact is total, allowing to play with the looks and the caresses.

2. The anvil or missionary with elevated legs

This position is similar to that of the missionary but with variations that allow for greater depth, thus becoming one of the best sexual postures to become pregnant.

This position is like that of the missionary, only this time the woman has to have her legs elevated above his shoulders. Making love in this way you get a very deep penetration and it is also exciting for both, as it also allows the stimulation of the woman’s g-spot.

There is a belief that if a woman reaches orgasm during intercourse, it is easier for her to become pregnant. While this is considered a myth, the truth is that reaching orgasm allows for greater relaxation, which will be to have a better chance of conceiving..

3. Doggy

Other popular sexual postures are also perfect to facilitate deep penetration and have a better chance of getting pregnant. In this posture to make love, the woman is placed on all fours and the man penetrates from behind, clinging to his hips.

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This posture not only facilitates deeper penetration, but also favors that the cervix is more open, allowing better reception of sperm. This makes it an excellent sexual posture to get pregnant quickly.

4. Magic Mountain

The magic mountain is a variant of the previous one, something more comfortable, and another of the sexual postures to get pregnant successfully.

This position is similar to that of the puppy, with the difference that the man leans over the woman, keeping his chest attached to her back. For added comfort, she can place pillows under her belly or under her head, depending on the level of recline you want.

In this way the penetration will be deep and will make it easier to get pregnant.. In addition the man will be able to stimulate the clitoris of the woman more easily, thus assuring the attainment of the orgasm.

5. The teaspoon

Another of the best sexual postures if you are looking to get pregnant is the spoon. This intimate and affectionate posture is also ideal for conceiving a baby in a very romantic way.

In this case the penetration is done with the two members of the couple stretched to the side and with the woman with her back to the man. It’s a very relaxed posture for both, which favours fertilisation.

6. Inverted cowgirl

Until now most postures were relaxed and focused on the comfort of the woman, somewhat important if you are seeking to conceive a child. However, looking for a baby doesn’t have to mean less action in bed. There are other postures in which there may be some more action on the part of the woman and they are equally beneficial to get pregnant.

The inverted cowgirl is one of them. In this posture the man remains lying on his back and the woman sits on top, as if he were a man. janniewith his back to it. This allows for an ideal penetration angle and is especially beneficial for women with a retroverse uterus.

7. Forklift

This position may seem somewhat more complicated than the previous ones, but it is ideal for facilitating the arrival of sperm in the cervix.

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To do it comfortably, the woman is placed face down and on her forearms at the edge of the bed. The man stands between his legs, grabbing them from behind and lifting them to penetrate. The inclination of this posture allows the sperm to descend more easily to the cervix, favoring a successful fertilization.

8. Trapeze

This is another position that is somewhat more complex and requires strength on his part and flexibility on his part. But both the deep penetration it allows and the woman’s inclination will make it easier to become pregnant. It is also an exciting and wild way to bring a baby into the world.ideal for those who need a little more action.

To perform this posture, the man must be seated on the edge of the bed or a chair with the legs open, and the woman must sit on it and face forward. Once there has been penetration, he has to take her by the wrists and she must lean back until she is completely stretched, being then the man who takes the rhythm of the onslaughts.

9. The cross

This posture already becomes something more comfortable for the couple, but still favors a ideal deep penetration to increase the chances of conceiving.

The woman should stretch on her back, keeping one leg stretched and the other over his shoulder. The man in this case should sit on his knees on the woman’s stretched thigh and clinging to the other leg that she keeps on her shoulder.

This posture facilitates greater penetration while also allowing greater contact with the woman’s g-spot.

10. Indra

In the case of this position, the woman must lie down and bend her knees against her chest, while the man kneels between her legs and penetrates her.

It is a posture with much contact and also allows a very deep penetration, while the woman can rest comfortably on his back. For greater efficiency and comfort, she can lift the pelvis with the help of a cushion in the back. This will an ideal inclination for fertilization to be a success.