Tantric sex: what it is and a guide to experience it

Is it possible to make sex and pleasure experiences both physical and spiritual? The answer is yes! And here we tell you. And is that, after discovering the wonders of yoga for our mind, body and spirit, how not to try in couple something even more intimate and that can offer us an experience of another world in bed: tantric sex.

If you still don’t know anything about this pleasant oriental philosophy, after reading this article you won’t be able to wait to put tantric sex into practice with your partner and have an experience in bed that goes beyond the body, and in which sex becomes a sacred ritual of long hours of pleasure.

What is tantric sex?

Tantric sex is a 4,000-year-old sexual practice that is part of tantra; it is one of the three schools of Hinduism (Shivaism, Vaishnavism, and Tantra) that is also part of Buddhist philosophy, although there may be some differences between the two.

Tantric sex is a practice that brings together the philosophy of tantra about the search for enlightenment and the creative force of the human being in the sexual act. Within Hinduism, this school is known as “the fast way”, since by practicing tantra one achieves states of mind and body through sexual energy equal to those who have already reached enlightenment.

Tantra is about expanding and freeing yourself by being in the present moment; opening the heart and tearing down the ego from the expansion of your 5 senses. Feel how the energy moves within your body so that you accept and perceive yourself in a different way, understanding that you are part of something much bigger and perfect as the universe is. It’s about meditation and love through sex..

Tantric sex teaches us to live in love, balance and harmony through sex, both with ourselves and with what surrounds us, starting with our partner. With it we establish much deeper and stronger emotional connections, free of any prejudice and rather accepting, loving and surrendering everything from ourselves.

What are the 4 tantra keys?

During our tantric sex acts. our body, mind and spirit are oneall fully integrated and focused on practice and pleasure. Now, to achieve all this you need 4 keys as the philosophy calls them, which are fundamental to practice tantric sex and to achieve a happy life. pay attention!

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1. Accept Yourself

Both for your life and for tantric sex, that you accept and love yourself as you are is essential, because it will give you the freedom to enjoy you and your partner. If the only thing we recognize in ourselves are defects that we want to try to hide, we are focusing the energy where it shouldn’t be, and we won’t be able to to enjoy ourselves and our partner fully.

2. Keep your 5 senses always in the present moment

It’s the only way to achieve deep and full experiencesand may you live them with all your senses in them! Both in tantric sex and in life. And it is that if you do not, you lose consciousness of yourself, if your mind is somewhere else and not where it should be, you are going to escape sensations, moments and surprises that can provide much more satisfaction.

3. Express what you feel and what you think

To achieve greater understanding it is very important that you express what you feel, what you like and what you don’t; in the same way. listen to your partner, their feelings and what they want. No one but you knows perfectly well what your needs are, so listen to them and tell your partner; remember that we are all different.

4. Flow and move harmoniously

This key to tantric sex is what allows us to find a balance. Let your energy flow, feel your rhythm and that of your partner until they are rhythmic one and the other under a single rhythm, an energy that flows freely.

How to practice tantric sex?

After you have met and integrated the 4 keys of tantra, you are already one step ahead in your tantric sex practice and have to bring them with you to the sexual act. Next we explain you the following steps to follow to achieve a unique experience with your partner.

1. Ambient

Start by preparing a welcoming and stimulating atmosphere. Low lights in the room, some very subtle aroma you both like and very soft music. Cell phones or anything that might interrupt you should be left out. It’s just a moment for the two of us.

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2. Breathing

This is a very important step, since allows the connection between the two people to be prolonged. Begin by becoming aware of each other’s breathing, until you can hear it as if it were only one. Maintain the same rhythm of breathing throughout the practice of tantric sex.

3. Observe

Sitting facing each other and breathing in one rhythm, you must look into each other’s eyes. It is normal that you feel ashamed and try to lower your gaze or that you start to laugh, the important thing is that you try to keep your gaze fixed on the other as long as possible and that you allow yourself to observe and be observed.

4. To feel

Here the other senses begin to integrate. You should caress each other, feel each other’s bodies, even get some stimulating massages. Stop at other parts of the body that you may not have had very much in mind before and take your time to touching and feeling each other, without losing the rhythm of the breath. Let yourself enjoy all those sensations that are appearing throughout the body and notice how they are increased. Every kiss, every caress, is much greater because you’re there.

5. Trust

At this point is when you open up most to your partner. You can close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by it, trust in it and what it does so that you can enjoy it with total freedom. In this way you will achieve a mutual balance.

6. Forgetting time

With tantric sex, excitation should increase progressively and not quickly or looking for ejaculation as in traditional sex. It is very important that you take the time to feel in each part of the body all the stimulations, without haste, and being very aware of each of them. At this point it is possible to experience non-genital orgasms.but of the body.

7. Dancing

You must allow your bodies to dance in perfect balance. You must move with each other at your own pace until your own bodies allow it. Live the 4 keys during the experience and enjoy!