Straightening with keratin: how to do it step by step, and its advantages

Few are the lucky women who have smooth, perfect hair.Others, on the other hand, always have frizzy, dull and dehydrated hair, and many want to remedy this problem. The iron ends up mistreating their hair, so these women look for other solutions.

The reality is that smoothing with keratin is the definitive solution to this dilemma. Thanks to this treatment it is possible to have a smooth, healthy and strong hair. It lasts for months, and is very comfortable not having to straighten the hair daily with the iron.

Keratin smoothing: know your advantages and your process

Keratin is a natural component in our body.. There are different tissues that have it, especially nails and hair. However, different factors sometimes do not produce enough keratin for hair to look shiny and healthy.

For this reason there are products that allow us to add keratin to the hair you need. This makes it look much better and stronger. At the moment of applying this product, a procedure is carried out to smooth it temporarily.

What to expect from keratin smoothing?

Keratin straightening treatment has many benefits for hair. One important thing to know is that keratin by itself does not straighten hair, and that is that to activate the keratin proteins requires applying heat. For this reason the iron is used, with which a perfect smooth hair effect is achieved.

The treatment lasts approximately 3 to 6 months, depending on the case. There are different brands that put this product on sale, although it is a treatment that can be done in a hairdresser.

In some places they sell or apply treatments of keratin with formaldehyde, which are harmful to health. In order to detect keratin with formaldehyde, it is enough to pay attention to the smell.

Normal keratin does not emit a strong or penetrating odor. On the other hand, the one containing formaldehyde has a very strong smell that even causes itching in the eyes and nose.

Who can use keratin smoothing?

It is a very popular treatment, but keratin is not recommended for all hair types.. With weak or badly damaged hair, the properties of keratin cannot be exploited. Before being able to do so in these cases it is necessary to carry out other treatments that hydrate and strengthen it.

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On the other hand, it must be borne in mind that the more pronounced the natural curl, the more difficult it is to achieve a perfect smoothing. However, there is one thing to bear in mind, and that is that performing keratin treatment can condition the type of curl you have in the future. Whoever has hair will want to think about it before applying keratin.

People who have a very oily scalp should be careful with washing their hair. Do not wash your hair for at least three days after applying keratin. It is also not recommended that it be pressed or fastened onto rubbers, tapes or any other type of accessory.

There may be some discomfort for three days if you can’t pick up your hair, but the result later is worth it.

How to smooth with keratin?

Here’s how to apply keratin at home, step by step. Although it is more advisable for an expert to do so, anyone who wants to save that cost can do so at home. It’s not complicated, you just have to know how to do it.

1. The product

Keratin is a product that can be bought in specialized beauty salons.. It is possible to apply it at home or to go to a professional so that it is this person who does it.

The treatment comes with two products: a shampoo and keratin. The shampoo serves to give a deep cleaning to the hair, and it is necessary to use that one and not one that already has in house.

2. Washing with shampoo

the hair should be washed with the shampoo that accompanies the keratin treatment.. It should be washed very well, and it is recommended to wash twice before applying the treatment.

People who have dyed hair should let the dirante shampoo work longer. About ten minutes should be enough for that. Finally, rinse it well and dry it with the dryer or let it dry naturally.

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3. Determines the quantities

Once your hair is clean, apply keratin. The application is made directly on the hair, from the roots to the ends, being very important the length of it. The reason is that the amount of keratin depends on the length of the hair.

Normally the product has precise indications regarding the quantities to be used. It is necessary to follow these indications to the letter. Putting more product will not enhance the result.

Approximately the recommendation is:

  • Short to medium: 40 ml.
  • Shoulder height: 60 ml.
  • Back height: 75 ml.
  • Extreme length: 120 ml.

4. Application of the treatment

For a better application it is necessary to divide the process in four parts according to the area of the head. Apply to the nape of the neck once the product has been properly mixed in the applicator bottle.

It can be applied separating wick by wick, in a very similar way to the application of the dye. Each section must be completely covered with the product, but it is not necessary to apply too much.

5. Seal

Before starting to straighten, the hair must be dried.. Without having rinsed the product, it is necessary to pass the dryer through all the hair. It can be stretched from the roots at the same time that it is directed in the zone of the dryer.

Once it feels dry, apply the heat from the flat iron. Continuing with the division of quadrants in the head, we must begin with the tufts of the nape of the neck. You have to do 10 repetitions at the root, and then move on to the middle and ends.

6. Final sealing

The final sealing is done at the time of washing and after ironing.. It is important that over the next few months a sulfate-free shampoo is used to extend the effects of the treatment much longer.

It is also necessary to iron at least once a month to reactivate the keratin. Thus, in addition to having the perfect straightness, the hair becomes shinier and silkier for longer.