When it comes to sex there are many things we can exploreWhether it’s new postures, toys, oils or provocative games. But something that can always change the tone of our sexual relationships are the scenarios in which we practice it, so why not have sex in the car?

And the truth is that we do not know where we are going to get that high of excitement that we can not resist. Why waste it just because we are not at home and go in the car? Having sex in the car can be an adrenalin-filled adventure. and we’ll tell you the best positions to do it.

First tips not to die in the attempt

Having sex in the car can be all an adventure full of passion and adrenaline or a fiasco and total disappointment if you don’t take the right precautions.

This is not to say that you should carry a manual with you or that you should prepare it in advance, because it takes away all the emotion of spontaneity. But if you get a chance to have sex in the car, there are certain precautions you must take into account in the moment.

Is it allowed in your country?

In many countries having sex in the car is considered to be having sex in a public space and it’s forbidden, so if you don’t want to have a police embarrassment in the middle of your moment of passion, make sure they’re not in plain sight and park the car in a more private place where they won’t have any problems.

Also make sure to keep the doors closed, because even though they are in a very safe area, you don’t want intrusions or unpleasant surprises in this moment of intimacy so hallucinatory.

A little ventilation

Another tip we give you before talking about the best positions to have sex in the car is to try to leave the windows a little open, thus preventing the glass from fogging up and allowing air to circulate. Even if you don’t notice it because you are concentrated in your intimacy, the air is concentrated and there can be denouncing aromas inside the car.

Also when they finish having sex in the car, make sure there are no surprises out there and ventilate the car well, especially if it is your parents car and not your own.

Better postures for having sex in the car

There are several car sex postures with which you can experimentIt all depends on the time they have, the place they are, the flexibility and the desire. Choose your favourite!

1. Let’s start with masturbation.

While masturbation is not a posture, it is the simplest way we can demonstrate our intentions to have sex in the car, because the way they sit allows it very easily.

To masturbate your partner, just put your hand on his penis and start caressing him and very subtly open his pants and let him out, from then on sure you know. Now, to allow your partner to touch you and masturbate you need to move a little forward so that your vagina is not locked between your legs by your sitting position, but is a little easier to access.

2. Now oral sex

Another way to start sex in the car and get much more into action we could say is oral sex. If they are in the front seats it will be easier for you to simply lean over to where your partner is and practice oral sex.

Now, so that he can do oral sex to you, they must switch to the back seat.. Once there, extend yourself mainly on the seat and open a little the legs so that he, leaning on the seat on his knees can practise oral sex to you.

3. The best posture: sitting in front of him

The best posture to have sex in the car par excellence is that you sit on it looking straight ahead, especially if you do not have much time is very easy to achieve this posture and will give them much pleasure. When they’re on it, try to recline the back of the chair to its maximum so that they can lie downwhen you’re on top of him.

4. The classic missionary

The most traditional and never-ending bed posture we can also use to have sex in the car. However, it will have a few minimal variations that can change to become other positions.

If they’re in the front of the car, must completely recline the backrest of the co-driver’s seatso your boy can lie on you. It’s not the most comfortable thing, especially if your boy is tall, but it happens.

Now, if they’re in the back seat, it’ll be easier than you. you lie on the chair and your boy gets on you.. In any case he is going to have to be on his knees and not with his legs stretched, so we say that this posture to have sex in the car has a small variation.

5. With legs elevated

A posture with which you will feel very comfortable both is the one with the elevated legs. To do this, they must be in the back seat and you must lie on your back in the chair with your legs elevated, either resting on the shoulders of your boy, or resting your feet on the roof of the car.

6. Posture of the puppy

If they have time and are in a place where no one can see them, they can also have sex in the car at the same time. doggy style or the famous 4-legged posture. When they are in the back seat, get on 4 legs and your boy leaning on his knees will be able to penetrate you from that angle. If they’re in a place with a lot of privacy, they can even open the car door and your boy can stand outside to make it more comfortable for both of them.

In any case, what you really need to have sex in the car and be very satisfied are the desire, dare and creativity. You’ll see how they can manage in the moment.