Sewing or any other manual technique relaxes and as it is a creative activity it improves self-esteem. This is vital to have a full and satisfying life. Therefore, we must introduce in our daily routine small changes, such as sewing, that increase and improve it.

Sewing has become fashionable. And not only because it is a technique with which to mend clothes in times of crisis or create exclusive designs for decoration or coats, but because any manual technique such as sewing relaxes, stimulates creativity, slows cognitive decline, improves self-esteem and helps to fight stress.

Sewing is based on the repetition of an action that must be learned and perfected, which helps to concentrate and practice patience in order to improve. When you master the technique and start to see results, it becomes a hobby. This helps to keep the mind active and entertained during the time it is being done and when the goal is achieved, it fosters pride and satisfaction in having created something out of nothing.

From the benefits of this manual technique new therapies have emerged such as wool therapy or the Pachtwoork workshops for cancer patients. Thanks to them, many people with personal difficulties, illnesses, or even in a precarious professional situation have managed to smile again and become part of a social group, something vital when facing problems of anxiety and depression.