Recently, the Spanish actress Paula Echevarría has been criticized in social networksfor both their physical appearance and their way of dressing. There are followers who think she’s too thin and don’t understand how she can dress in Zara Kids girl clothes, but also those who believe that despite being a very influential woman, there are times when her styling squeaks everywhere.

There are those who do not share Echevarría’s decision to combine prints and garments of the most original, but what can not be doubted is that one of the latest styles is ideal for this season and continues perfectly with a fashion that has prevailed in all fashion brands and that already follow countless celebrities, bloggers and ‘influencers’.

Echevarría and his pastel blue suit

Paula has decided to wear a blazer suit and tweezers trousers in monochrome key. One of the successes this season is to wear a full ‘look’ with a set of jacket pants or jacket and skirt, a basic styling that can be ideal for many occasions, either for a day in the office or to go to the office. perfect as a guest at a wedding or communion.

In addition, the Spanish actress has decided to bet on a suit in pastel blue, a winning bet this spring-summer. But the right choice was not the only thing that really attracted attention, but also the brand of the suit, which despite what many may think, It’s low-cost..

For less than 50 euros at Pull&Bear

Paula has made herself a suit from Inditex’s youth brand, Pull&Bear. who’s had great success with his clients. We don’t know for sure if it was the actress who wore it or for her design and color in full trend, but the fact is that currently, the American in pastel blue is completely exhausted. It has a price of 29,99 eurosa really affordable price.

The trousers that make up the proposal are of the following type high waist jogging and straight cut, with side pockets. Currently it can be found in some sizes for a price of only 17.99 euros. Therefore, for less than 50 euros we can get the same look of Echevarría and wear it perfectly on any occasion, even the most special.

Pull&Bear basic jogging trousers in pastel blue, for 17,99 euros.
Pull&Bear basic jogging trousers in pastel blue, for 17,99 euros. Source Image by: Pull&Bear.