There is a garment of the flagship firm of Inditex that has I was able to sweep the social networks.. Zara is designing multiple models in full trend that do not cease to surprise both its customers and the most demanding influencers. This summer, more than ever, the most flattering and enviable looks of the moment are showing off.

Of course, the fashion firm Zara is included among the favorite brands by many. Whether combining luxury designs with ‘low-cost’ or with complete Inditex stylismsThe season is marked by the bags of balls, the checkered dress and also the vinyl shoes.

Instagram, crazy with Zara’s sequins

But among all this mixture,** appears a concept that seemed to be banished from the high temperatures** and that had remained anchored in the winter to dress each and every one of the looks of Christmas party. Surprisingly, it hasn’t been like that, and the sequins have taken over the summer with a Zara skirt that all the influencers are wearing non-stop**.

This is a very flattering ‘midi’ cut skirt, which stands out for its its flounces and of course, the silver sequins that cover every inch of fabric of this model that seems to have banished to the leopard skirt. To many it may seem excessive, but the fact is that many are already fans and look it even with the most informal styles.

What really stands out from the proposals that can be seen in Instagram is that Zara’s own sequined skirt is combined with a khaki green shirt. and with big pockets. But it also sweeps away blouses and shirts knotted at the waist in white and raw colors.

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Take advantage of the sales to get your hands on a

Best of all, though. Inditex design can be worn on multiple occasions. The real ‘hit’ is to combine it with great accessories very striking, such as extra large earrings, but above all with high heels that give a point of distinction, whether the classic salons, in bright colors or even the latest trend, vinyl.

But what is clear is that the sequined skirt will be one of the star sales this sales season**. In just a few days, you can find the model whose price is 49,95 euros with a juicy discount to be able to get this skirt from Zara and turn it into Zara’s skirt. protagonist of the most original looks of the summer.