Fashion not only renews itself, it evolves with the idea of being more sustainable and providing comfort. First it was the garments that do not wrinkle, then those that do not stain and now come the wellness shirts with bioceramic particles that reduce stress and reduce fatigue.

Technology and fashion are working together again, and this time, they light up a new fabric that “makes you feel better,” says Federico Sainz, CEO of Sepiia.

The new generation of intelligent 3.0 garments by the Spanish firm Sepiia includes the “wellness” shirt made with a new fabric made with bioceramic particles, “which absorb heat from the body and convert it into infrared rays,” he explains.

Infrared rays are responsible for “dilating blood capillaries, which allows blood to flow better, providing more oxygen to the body and helps reduce fatigue and reduce stress,” explains this industrial technical engineer with extensive training in fashion.

This revolutionary fabric is also present in the clothing of elite athletes who use it to “improve their performance”, and in home lingerie with sheets that improve rest and sleep.

“The ‘wellness’ shirt not only provides comfort, but also takes care of you during use,” adds Sainz, who has also included in the shirt two new fabrics that contribute to the sustainability of the planet and joins the fight of this new generation led by Swedish activist Greta Thunberg.

The first is an anti-dust fabric, applied to the collar and cuffs, “so that the shirt gets less dirty and therefore washes less”. The second is a breathable fabric, “which improves body perspiration, prevents odors and also washes”.

Also in Wellnessbeam |  Chemical engineers created a device that detects odors imperceptible to human smell and improves medical diagnosis.

The design has not been overlooked in the garment that has a pattern adapted to improve the physical appearance, “are front seams that stylize the figure.

Fashion, technology and wellness. “We started with clothes that were comfortable, now our goal is for fashion to evolve towards personal well-being, which implies health and sustainability.

Consciousness for the care of the planet is present throughout the entire life cycle of the garment, from its manufacture with clean and safe techniques, to the use phase in which it needs fewer resources for its care and recycling when it is finished with it.

Its use avoids dirtying the water and wasting energy with washing and ironing. “Less care during use, less waste for the Planet”.

This new “wellness” garment adds to the line of t-shirts that do not stain, do not wrinkle and do not generate odors, in addition to being elastic and breathable.

The wellness shirt is on sale this afternoon at “Kickstarter” – a platform that helps to carry out creative projects – in three colors: white, light blue and black and with a price ranging between 80 and 130 dollars.