O fashion firm Mango has bet firmly for Sara Carbonero to be her image in social networks, or the journalist has fallen in love with each one of the new designs that the Spanish brand has launched to the market for this season. Be that as it may, Carbonero’s looks on social networks make a big impact and all his followers like them.

So much so that it is no longer surprising that as soon as you wear a Mango dress on your Instagram account, the garment in question becomes exhausted in a very short time. It happened with many of the designs you’ve worn a few weeks ago, and it seems that the same thing will happen with your new bet..

Mango’s white bib that promises to wear out

To everyone’s surprise, Sara has bet firmly on a garment that we had left banished from our closet, the breastplate. This garment that when we were little we wore non-stop seemed to be no longer for our adulthood, but it is not like that, as it shows. Saithe with his Mango Bib.

What has attracted the most attention has been that it is a model in white, a very summery colour and that this season has taken over any garment, even cowgirls. In the shops and Mango website you can still buy the Sara Carbonero’s bib for a price of 39,99 euros.

Mango puffed sleeve blouse, for 39,99 euros.
Mango puffed sleeve blouse, for 39,99 euros.

Image by: Mango.

The shirt that will sweep this summer

But his ‘total white’ styling has not only relied on this white Mango bib. From the same firm is a light blouse also white which stands out for its puffed sleeves and a discreet ribbon at the neckline.

He’s got a price of 39,99 euros and promises to become a key shirt this summer, as in the Spanish firm you can find several very similar models.

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