The Kings of Spain have attended this past Thursday 28 June to an annual event that never miss, the award ceremony of the Princesa de Girona Foundation. Although this year many expected Princess Leonor to make her debut at these awards as the honorary president of this institution, she has finally not attended.

Her presence could have eclipsed that of her mother Queen Letizia.However, this has not been the case and Felipe VI’s wife has once again become the protagonist of the act, above all for her ‘look’, although also for another great detail. This has been the first time that Letizia has visited Catalonia this 2018. He’s done it for the first time since last October.

Letizia and her new hairstyle of discord

Luckily, his styling has left this detail in the background, as what has been most commented has been the amazing hairstyle that the queen has worn. Letizia has bet on a hairstyle that no one had ever seen before, a tall ponytail with big curls that has generated split opinions.

The hairstyle of Queen Letizia has been the most commented of the day
The hairstyle of Queen Letizia has been the most commented of the day

Image by: Gtres.

For many it is a ‘look’ not at all favourable for the monarch and not very appropriate for an event of this kind. Letizia always bets on having her hair combed with her hair loose and straight, sometimes wavy. But has never before bet on a ponytail as high as this, something that has left everyone unsettled..

Very risky Looks

She had been seen with some disheveled updo and even with a bubble ponytail, but never with an the look that most closely resembles the one that they look famous without ceasing like singer Adriana Grande or Kim Kardashian herself.

However, Queen Letizia may have decided to bet on this hairstyle to gain a new look and get a more youthful styling. Possibly for some to forget the carelessness with the hairstyle he had exactly in the same dress that has led to the awards of the Foundation Princess of Girona this 2018.

Carolina Herrera's red dress that Queen Letizia has worn at various events
Carolina Herrera’s red dress that Queen Letizia has worn at various events

Image by: The Women’s Guide.

The “red Spain” dress on its return to Catalonia

The design chosen by Letizia is one rescued from her Carolina Herrera wardrobe.. It is a ‘midi’ cut dress of a striking red colour – many point to a ‘Spanish red’ on their visit to Catalonia – which fits around the waist with a simple black ribbon. He wore it in September last year on the XV anniversary of Grupo Vocento at the Teatro Real, when unexpectedly her hairstyle played a trick on her. and left her completely disheveled, according to various media.

With her repeated Carolina Herrera dress and the risky new hairstyle, Queen Letizia has completed her styling with some red striped sandals of her favorite signature, Magritas well as a handbag in the same snake print shades. Letizia has opted for highlight your earrings with the choice of your hairstylewhich were diamond earrings in the shape of flowers.

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