We are committed to expanding our range of beauty and perfumery products, H&M has decided to launch a new collection of fragrances that promise to be a bestseller. Zara and its well-known perfumes may tremble at the new bet of the Swedish firm because it is ready to sweep the market with its 25 smells at low-cost prices.

H&M has decided to launch a total of 25 fragrances with some prices ranging from EUR 4,99 to EUR 24,99 that represent every kind of woman. That’s why thinking especially of each of its clients, the firm has wanted to create three different ranges, ‘The Singles’, ‘The Reveries’ and ‘The essences’..

25 H&M fragrances for less than 25 euros

According to the magazine ‘Elle’, the new perfumes of the firm ‘low-cost’ have been created in collaboration with the house Givaudan. There were also perfumers Olivier Pescheux, world-renowned, and Nisrine Grillié, a young emerging star in the sector.

“We focus a lot on high quality ingredients, from fragrances with unique notes to contemporary blends and the most nuanced perfumes which really highlight the key ingredient”, said Pescheux about H&M’s new perfume collection, which will be available in shops and on the website from 16 August, according to the media quoted.

A “very personal, fun and exciting” collection.

Thus, we have worked individually on up to 25 different fragrances divided into three collections to achieve unique smells and designed for each woman. “Our clients will be able to play with all of them until find an aroma they like and identify with. It’s like building a personal style, which is always a fun and exciting journey.

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The singles' one of H&M's fragrance collections
The singles’ one of H&M’s fragrance collections

Image by: H&M.

The Singles

The Singles’ is H&M’s fragrance collection that has a total of 10 very characteristic aromas and where a single olfactory note has been sought. In these perfumes of The Singles’ we find chocolate, vanilla or yuzu..

The Reveries' one of H&M's fragrance collections
The Reveries’ one of H&M’s fragrance collections

Image by: H&M.

The Reveries.

The 10 fragrances in the ‘The Reveries’ collection are designed for people who want to remember certain moments in their lives, because they are aromas that convey certain feelings.

The Essences' one of H&M's fragrance collections
The Essences’ one of H&M’s fragrance collections

Image by: H&M.

The essences

H&M’s ‘The essences’ collection consists of five aromas, which are characterised by their very different and more complex fragrances. It’s about some perfumes made with rose, patchouli or sandalwood.