Joan of Arc’s 50 best sentences

The life and work of Joan of Arc is full of fascinating passages. She was also known as the maiden of Orleans, and at her young age became a key piece in the history of France. She was canonized for what today is also called St. Joan of Arc.

At the age of 17, he led the French army during the hundred-year war against England. Once he had won the victory, Charles VII was crowned king of France. However, she was captured and burned at the stake at the age of 19.

The best sentences from Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc is a figure full of mysticism. This is because in addition to the role she played at the head of the French army, she always assured that everything she did was by order of the voices she heard and that were sent to her by God.

For this reason was accused of heresy and condemned to die at the stake.. And that is also why she has been recognized by the Catholic Church as a saint, thus giving credence to the legitimacy of her testimony about the voices that ordered her to address Orleans and speak with Charles VII.

1. They say that you are my judge; I do not know if you are, but be careful not to misjudge me, for you would put yourself in great danger.

Most of Joan of Arc’s phrases that we know today are extracts from the judgment that led her to the stake.

2. I am not afraid… I was born to do this.

One of the most distinctive and admirable features of Joan of Arc was her courage.

3. My voices say to me: “Don’t be afraid, answer boldly, God will help you.”

Joan of Arc was a woman of faith and at all times assured that the voices she heard were divine messages.

4. Men fight; only God gives victory.

The actions of men are not as transcendent as what God has destined for each one.

5. I only refer to God. And as far as my visions are concerned, I don’t accept any man’s judgment.

Joan of Arc maintained until the end that her actions were dictated by God and only attached to them.

6. Get up early tomorrow morning and do more than you could today.

A sentence about the importance of striving to be better every day.

7. God traces a destiny for each soul and entrusts them with a mission; if this mission is not fulfilled, the creator would be disappointed.

We would all like to know what our mission is in order to carry it out.

8. I never committed mortal sin. Because in such a case my voices would have reproached me, my spirits would have forsaken me.

Joan of Arc was a woman of deep faith.

I was thirteen years old when I heard a voice. That voice told me that I would lift the siege of Orleans: You must save the nation and the king.

At the age of 13 Joan of Arc heard for the first time the voices that guided her to defeat England.

10. I didn’t come to Poitiers to give signals. But take me to Orleans and I will show you the signs for which I have been sent.

She was sure of her way forward.

11. About Jesus Christ and the Church, I simply know that they are only one thing, and we should not complicate the matter.

For reasons and actions such as this, years later she was beatified and later canonized.

12. If I ever run away, no one will reproach me for having broken or violated my faith, without having given my word to anyone, whoever they may be.

No doubt she was sure of her faith and actions based on her belief in God.

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13. The light comes at the same time as the voice… I won’t tell you everything; I haven’t left, my oath doesn’t grant that.

In her speeches and testimonies, Joan of Arc tried to convince everyone of the veracity of the voices that guided her.

14. Is this not legal for all prisoners?

In the face of his tragic and inevitable end, he accepted to be afraid and to want to escape.

15. Of the love or hatred that God has for the English, I know nothing, but I know that all will be expelled from France, except those who die there.

At all times he remained true to his beliefs and to what he claimed to hear.

Alas, that my body, clean and complete, has never been corrupted, today it must be consumed and burned in ashes!

A phrase prior to its tragic end.

17. If I ever run away, no one will reproach me for having broken or violated my faith, without having given my word to anyone, whoever they may be.

Joan of Arc was a woman of integrity and faithful at all times to her ideals.

18. Better integrity in flames than surviving in imitation of truth. If you wish, I will wear women’s clothes again, but the rest I will not change.

No doubt she was a woman of firm convictions who preferred her dignity.

19. God despises the tranquility of the souls he destined for battle.

If we have and know our mission and run away from it, we are failing our faith.

20. I am not afraid, I was born for this.

One of Joan of Arc’s most emblematic phrases.

21. Work as if with just one job you could reach the goal.

We must always strive absolutely.

22. Life is all we have and we live it the way we think best.

This phrase contains a great philosophy, we must live by our beliefs and principles.

23. Sacrificing what you are and living without believing is a more terrible destiny than dying.

We must never cease to be ourselves, that takes away more life than death itself.

24. Courage! Don’t go back.

Joan of Arc is one of the bravest women history remembers.

25. Every man gives his life for what he believes. Every woman gives her life for what she believes. Sometimes people believe in little or nothing and therefore give their lives little or nothing.

We must give everything for what we believe in. That’s living with intensity.

Joan of Arc

26. I was warned to adopt women’s clothing; I refused and even refused.

Joan of Arc had no special interest in appearing female.

If I am not in the grace of God, let me stand there. And if I am, let him keep me.

This was her answer when she was questioned about whether she was pregnant.

28. When God fights, it is of little importance whether the sword is big or small.

With this phrase Joan of Arc gives an account of her deep faith in God.

29. Men are sometimes hanged for telling the truth.

Telling the truth has its consequences.

30. The poor people came cheerfully to me, because I did not do anything cruel to them, but helped them as much as I could.

Joan of Arc was a woman much loved for her life and work.

31. The maiden and her soldiers will have victory. Therefore the maiden is willing that you, Duke of Bedford, should not destroy yourself.

At all times she remained true to her beliefs.

32. Angels are as perfect, in the way they are: as spirits.

The maiden from Orleans always spoke in an expressive way of her conception of the spiritual world.

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33. Since God commanded me to go, I must go.

His main conviction was to obey God’s voice.

34. I’ll take it as it comes.

His attitude was firm and resilient to the circumstances.

35. I am dying to speak the language of angels.

As in every sentence, one can perceive how Joan of Arc was a woman of deep faith.

36. All battles are won or lost first in the mind.

This phrase is a great lesson: what we believe in our mind is what will come true.

37. How else would God speak to me if it were not through my imagination?

A forceful response to the question of whether the voices that dictated his actions were not a product of his imagination.

38. Advance courageously. Fear of nothing. Trust in God; everything will be fine.

The reason Joan of Arc was such a brave woman is that she trusted God and her faith in him.

39. I’d rather die than do something I know is sin, or be against God’s will.

Faced with the awareness of what is good or bad, we cannot ignore and not act according to the right.

40. Act and God will act.

This short phrase is forceful in his philosophy: for things to be done it is not enough to ask God, you have to act and do.

Everything I have said or done is in God’s hands. I commit myself to him! I certify that I would not do or say anything against the Christian faith.

Joan of Arc remained at all times and even the fine stoic and firm to her Christian faith.

42. As God had commanded, it was necessary for him to do so. As God commanded, even if I had a hundred fathers and mothers, even if I had been the daughter of a king, I would have gone.

At all times she assured that her actions were dictated by God and that she had no intention of not obeying them.

43. All the English will be expelled from France, except those who die there.

She knew that France would have victory for sure.

44. I saw him as clearly as I see you. And when they left, I cried and wished they’d take me with them.

An answer about the voices and visions he had.

45. I trust in God, my Creator, in all things; I love Him with all my heart.

The Orleans maiden guided her life entirely according to her faith in God.

46. I am the drum on which God is beating his message.

She knew and felt that she was only an instrument of God.

47. Hope in God. If you have good hope and faith in Him, you will be delivered from your enemies.

If you walk with God, your enemies will not be able to defeat you.

48. Keep the cross high so you can see it through the flames.

It is said that Joan of Arc uttered this phrase just as she was being burned at the stake.

49. The first time I heard the voices, I was so scared.

She was barely 13 years old when Joan of Arc heard voices, and although later it was a daily thing for her, at first she felt a lot of fear.

50. It’s better to be alone with God. Your friendship will not fail me, nor your advice, nor your love. In your strength, I will dare, I will dare and I will dare until I die.

Joan of Arc’s faith in God guided her life, her attitudes, and she felt more secure and confident than in any other human relationship.