How to take care of your curls? 5 tips to improve your hair

In TV commercials there are girls who wear dreamy curls, while at home it sometimes doesn’t seem possible.. In everyday life it is not so easy to get defined and controlled curls, wondering what the secret is. While we already know on television that not everything is as it seems, there are ways to get the perfect curls.

You want to know how to take care of your curls? The first thing to know is that this type of hair requires care other than straight. There are some very specific tips that will help you discover the natural beauty of your curls and look spectacular.

How to take care of your curls? 5 tips to improve your hair

Before you know the process to reach your ideal and dreamed curls, there can be a process of up to three weeks to see results. Don’t despair, it’s worth it! As you’ll see, it’s not just about applying specialized products, there are other tips you should follow.

One very important thing to know is that curly hair dehydrates easily due to the following characteristics. The main objective is to maintain and increase hydration, so it is necessary to avoid anything that dries it out. The natural greases present in the scalp hardly get to be all the hair and more to the ends.

1. How to wash curly hair?

To wash curly hair, follow a few tips that are somewhat different from those for straight hairThe first recommendation is not to wash it with shampoo on a daily basis. The shampoo removes the natural fat and this after a while causes it to dry out. The ideal is to wash it every 10 or 15 days no matter how strange it may seem.

You should choose a shampoo that contains sulfates but is lightweight. Curl products on sale do not always meet this requirement. You can get baby shampoos, they tend to be more effective; even if they have sulfates, they are not aggressive on the hair. With sulfate shampoo, you should do a deep clean from time to time.

If you think washing your hair every 10 to 15 days is too much for you, you can try shampooing only once a week, but you must be careful that the shampoo does not contain sulphates or alcohol. They are very aggressive with hair, if you avoid ingredients in your curls.

At this point you must be thinking that without washing often it will look dirty, but don’t worry. You must use conditioner. The conditioner also cleans it, but does not dehydrate it. On the contrary, it can provide you with the hydration you need to look silky and shiny. Applying it daily little by little you will recover definition if you lost it.

2. Use of the conditioner

One of the most common questions about how to care for curls is how to use the conditioner.. You should choose a conditioner that does not contain silicones or parabens. These two ingredients dry out curly hair when exposed to them for long periods of time. Using the right conditioners will give your hair the properties it needs to look healthy and strong.

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Specialty curly hair products do not always meet the requirement not to use silicones or parabens. Silicones make hair look shiny and silky, so the first applications make us look good curls, but then causes dehydration. It is best to look for conditioners that do not contain silicones or parabens.

Having two types of conditioners is ideal. One lighter and one thicker. The light conditioner is suitable for root application. The thick conditioner is then applied to the rest of the hair. We recommend to let it act for a few minutes and rinse. You can also alternate this procedure with days when you only use the thick conditioner without applying it to the roots.

Another tip on how to care for your curls is to wear an intensive hair mask once a week. Also look for one that does not contain silicones, and use it one day a week instead of the conditioner. It is necessary to let it act longer than you leave the regular conditioner. If you begin to feel that your hair is coarse or dry, you may stop wearing the mask and it may become saturated with protein.

3. Dry your curly hair

Another secret about how to take care of your curls is not to dry them with a towel.. This may be surprising, but the fabrics the towels are made of dehydrate the hair. Remember that what we want to avoid with curly hair are those things that dry it out. There are several options instead of using a towel.

The easiest is to wear an old cotton T-shirt. The cotton does not dry out and you can wrap your hair when you come out of the shower so that it does not splash water. If you have the option to let it dry without wrapping it, you can also try it. It’s important to wrap your hair in a T-shirt or cotton fabric and gently squeeze your hair from the ends up.

If you want a quick drying and you are used to using the dryer you can use it for your curls. The difference is you have to use a diffuser. Normally the dryers include a special piece that is the diffuser. It is best to dry your hair at medium temperature so you don’t dry it out.

Something phenomenal is that instead of the diffuser you can also use a strainer. Yes, a conventional strainer that you use to drain food in the kitchen! What you have to do is put it in the mouth of the dryer. Using a medium temperature can achieve an incredible result, even better than with the diffuser.

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4. How to comb the curls?

Combing curls also has a different method than with straight hair. First of all, it’s best to untangle your hair while you’re in the shower. Just like that, to the water jet. After applying conditioner and rinsing, use your fingers to detangle it or a thick comb. With this you will not mistreat your hair.

When you get out of the shower and dry it (remember to dry it with your cotton t-shirt), comb it with a curling product and don’t brush it anymore. Curl combing products are usually very effective, but those that do not contain silicones, parabens or alcohol should be used. You can make a flaxseed gel yourself and use it to give it hold and shine.

Once you have the product in your hands, distribute it gently on the hair, without trying to straighten it. Instead, take the tips in the palm of your hand and gently squeeze upward as if you were trying to spring through the strands of hair.

You can also form your curls by tufts. You can apply product to comb and then define the curls. Try not to touch it again all day, all that rubbing is causing it to dehydrate.

5. Cut curly hair

Cutting curly hair requires a technique that not all stylists know.. Whether you want to wear it short or long, you should know that curly hair, unlike straight hair, is cut dry. Can you believe it? They shouldn’t wash your hair before cutting it, it’s best to cut it when it’s dry and then give it the shape you’re looking for.

You can choose to bring long, layered hair. This in curly hair looks spectacular. You can also opt for short hair. The “bob” and “asymmetrical” cuts look amazing with curly hair. However, the best thing to do is to look for specialists in Chinese hairstyling, so that they can give it the treatment it deserves.

Curly hair needs to be cut lock by lock to shape the style you’re looking for. Also, if you are going to rinse or dry it you should know what types of shampoo to use. Drying it in the correct way so as not to leave it spongy and without shape is also important.

Does everything seem too complicated? Don’t despair! Little by little you’ll be adopting the right routine that will make your curly hair as spectacular as those in TV commercials.

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