How to preserve and store honey correctly

The conservation of honey is really simple. It is enough to have it in its container and keep it at a normal room temperature, where there is no heat and where it is protected from the sun’s rays. But the certain thing is that to enjoy the honey always in its better point the most suitable thing is to know in what form we can conserve it and to store it according to the container where it is kept.

In fact, it is very common that, despite being a very common natural food consumed for thousands of years, we have doubts about its storage or conservation. The same is true of the expiry date of honey, given that however much we look for a date on its packaging, the reality is that we will not find it anywhere.

This is because honey does not actually have a specific expiry date. It does not even have a best-before date, as it is a natural food that never expires.

However, this does not mean that we are not faced with a food that should be properly preserved, being necessary to take into account some interesting aspects about its storage at home. Although, it is true, as we indicated at the beginning of this note, in reality its conservation is very simple and not at all complicated.

Useful tips for keeping honey at home

Honey is an indispensable food, so it is tremendously common to find it in the pantry or cupboard of many houses and homes. Not only because it is commonly used in many recipes, but also because it is used as a natural remedy for many health problems and disorders.

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However, even if its conservation is really simple, it is very appropriate to take into account the following basic elements. Take note:

Better in glass containers. The most common way is to buy honey directly in glass containers. But it is also possible to find it in plastic containers, for example in those of easy application. The truth is that it is always best to choose honey in glass jars, as this offers many advantages: it keeps much better, does not rust, lasts longer and also withstands temperature changes better.

Dry and warm place, always at room temperature. The ideal temperature to preserve honey properly is between 15 and 20 degrees centigrade. Therefore, it is very useful to store it in a cupboard with a suitable temperature, away from the sun’s rays.

Keep it away from heat sources. Honey that is heated tends not only to lose its taste, but also to acquire a dark appearance. Therefore, it is best to always try to store it in a cupboard or pantry away from heat sources.


On the other hand, we must bear in mind that if the honey crystallizes it is absolutely normal. It is a normal process that happens sooner or later, but it ends up happening. In addition, this process helps the honey to preserve better and last longer.

It is produced by the high content of sugars in honey, mainly glucose, which creates a supersaturated state that causes the honey to become pasty, instead of liquid.

If we want the honey to become liquid again, we only have to put the glass container with the crystallized honey into the bain-marie, and wait a few minutes for it to become liquid.

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