How to make a man miss you? 12 infallible tips

After the initial crush, comes the uncertainty of being forgotten. That magic or special connection is perceived in glances, flirting and non-verbal messages. But when it’s time to say goodbye, you don’t know what happens next.

We fill our heads with fears, and what if he finds someone with whom he also feels that crush? What if, being separated, he forgets what we feel? And then, what we want is to find the infallible way to make a man miss you.

Infallible tips for a man to miss you

Many women yearn to become that unforgettable someone. We pretend that the man who captivated us, does not stop thinking about us and misses us. We believe that this way he will return without us calling him, and he will never want to leave us.

These 12 infallible tips for making a man miss you have the answer. This is an exercise in introspection and a commitment to yourself. to carry out what is required for a healthy relationship and so endearing that you never want to be separated from you.

1. Self-confidence

The first key tip to making a man miss you is self-confidence. People who walk through life with a good self-esteem and feel safe, are extremely attractive and people look for them because they are a good company.

A self-confident woman knows her talents and qualities, is not afraid to accept her defects, and does not feel the need to suffocate anyone in order to retain him. If the man you’re interested in sees you as a confident person, he’ll want to be close to you..

2. Genuine attention to your interests

If you like someone, you should have a genuine interest in their tastes, hobbies and life in general. It’s important that it’s not fake. It’s not just about finding a way for a man to miss you for the sole purpose of playing with his feelings.

The fact that you lie about your interest with him sooner or later will bring problems.. But if your intention is genuine, it will be very easy for you to get interested and let him know that you pay attention to the things he talks about and likes.

3. Deep interest in your emotions

To make a man miss you, it’s important that there’s an emotional connection. This can’t be faked. Glances, physical contact and a deep talk show that beyond a physical attraction, there is something important on a deeper level.

If you feel that connection, then cultivate it by taking an interest not only in her life and hobbies, but also in her feelings. This way they will get to know each other better, and he will feel understanding from you, which will make him miss you and look for you.

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4. Maintain your autonomy

However, you must be careful to remain autonomous and free.. Just because you’re interested in him and show him your interest, he shouldn’t nullify you as a person to turn on him. You must go on with your life, your activities and your friendship relationships.

Some people believe that one way to show interest and love is to give up your whole life to focus on that person. This is really suffocating, and it takes away your interest and mystery. It is better to maintain your life and your rhythm in a normal way and that he has the disposition to adapt to it as well.

5. Zero jealousy

To make a man miss you, forget jealousy. This is very important. Showing your interest in him doesn’t mean you have to be jealous and question him. Let’s forget what they used to say about “a little jealousy shows interest”.

Jealousy actually shows insecurity and is a bad start to any relationship. On the contrary, something solid must be built on trust. Also, if a man does not perceive you as jealous, he is more likely to miss you and do his best to be close to you.

6. Support

For him to feel the need to look for you and miss you, he must feel your support. If she has told you about a worrying or difficult situation, show your emotional support. Without this taking away your autonomy, you can take some actions to help him if it is in your hands to do so.

If he feels that he has support in you, he will surely feel the need to be close to you and look for you. So don’t be afraid to show him your feelings and your willingness to support him. But don’t ever forget to get on with your life and your activities.

7. Respect your times and plans and his.

A little mystery and remoteness will make him miss you and do what is necessary to see you. That’s why it’s important that you respect your activities, your times and your plans, as well as his. To make me miss you, you don’t have to leave everything to be with you all the time, quite the opposite.

If he has a plan, don’t ask him to cancel to see you. Don’t cancel yours either so you can accompany him. Keep the mystery and don’t be afraid that several days will go by without being seen; being away will make him miss you.

8. Zero harassment

One thing that can take him completely away from you is that he feels harassed. Messages at every moment, like in all its publications, demanding a quick response to your messages, accompanying it to all its activities.questioning him about what he’s doing when he’s not with you, he’s asphyxiating and he’ll run away.

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Many people believe that showing interest in each other, supporting each other, and taking an interest in each other’s affairs is tantamount to being present all the time everywhere. This is a mistake. On the contrary it is uncomfortable and regularly ends up driving men away.

9. Don’t make it your priority.

Hand in hand with the above advice, Don’t make him and his life your priority.. Leaving everything to follow sounds romantic, but it’s actually counterproductive. If you do this, you will be leaving aside your autonomy, your freedom, your personality and your life.

That’s not attractive. Remember that an autonomous woman, free and self-confident, is very attractive and people want to stay close to her. If, on the other hand, you are insecure and put your life aside, you become predictable and boring, which results in it moving away from you.

10. Forget dependence and codependence

Codependence is confused with love. That you depend emotionally on him and pretend that he depends on you, and also make and generate situations so that he feels he needs you, is a situation of dependence and codependence that regularly generates toxic relationships.

Forget making him believe that he needs you and that without you he couldn’t live to miss you. Freedom, confidence and self-esteem are much more attractive and efficient to make a man miss you and become endearing.

11. Create unforgettable moments

When you’re together, build unforgettable moments.Laugh together, have fun, live the moment to the fullest. You don’t need a spectacular date. On the contrary, in simplicity they can find the value of time together and value it even more.

Talking about your emotions, special moments in your life, your dreams and goals and sharing quality time together is one of the most effective ways to make that special man miss you and want to be with you again.

12. Work on your happiness and personal development

Making a man miss you is easier if you work on your personal development.. Acquiring self-confidence, security, autonomy and a healthy self-esteem will result in you being able to establish healthy and solid relationships.

It will be easier to attract the right people to your life, and with this to a man who knows you want to be with you and miss you when you spend time away from you. This is why you must always have a commitment to yourself to seek your happiness and not depend on a man to be one.

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