How to excite a man in bed (with 7 infallible tricks)

The bed, that intimate space in which we let pleasure invade us and our body melts with that of the couple until we reach an explosion of stars that produces sensations of another world. But to make it happen, do you know how to excite a man in bed?

Many times we think that we have to resort to the most extreme acrobatics for raise our partner’s temperature. What you didn’t know is that the answer to how to excite a man in bed is simpler than you thought and you yourself have all the aces up your sleeve.

Do I have to worry about turning on my partner in bed?

When we’ve been in a stable relationship for quite some time, sometimes we think we have to do new things to excite our partnerSome feel they are no longer attractive to their boy because the intensity with which they had sex has progressively diminished since the moment they met.

It is true that when we have passed the first months and the novelty has already been discovered, our way of loving passes to a deeper phase in which physical action is not everything; without saying that it ceases to be important, because the truth is that it is part of our instinct and that it is a part of our instinct. nothing better than a good sex session with our partner. to end a stressful day well.

However, keeping interest in the bed is important to continue with the spark high and it must be something that we work on both sides. If you’re wondering how to excite a man in bed, your partner should also be wondering how to excite you and the answer isn’t always just undress.

7 tricks to seduce a man in bed

The good news is that in order to excite your partner in bed you don’t need to do anything from the other world, to feel that you have to change yourself or that you have to take classes.

The truth is that there are subtle forms of seduction that you can perform and that we are sure they will give you an excellent result, you only need yourself.

1. Feel good about yourself

It is the first of our tricks on how to excite a man in bed and the most fundamental for you to carry out the others. You need to feel good about yourself, sure of yourself, look and feel beautiful, attractive, flirtatious, seductive and you’ll see how your partner will perceive all that.

When we’re not comfortable with ourselves we get shy, sometimes we walk away and don’t want our partner to look at us too much, so that he doesn’t realize those defects we think we have; that’s the biggest mistake all women make.

You are as beautiful, sexy and attractive as the first day they met and we are sure that your partner is still crazy about you. So to be irresistible and excite a man in bed you must be comfortable with yourself and sure of yourself.

2. Long kisses well given

The next trick to excite your boy in bed is to kiss him again with desire. After a while, kisses become signs of affection, let’s say, more tender, but do you remember those passionate kisses that were given when they met? Well, those are just the ones you need and you know them perfectly well.

When they’re in bed begins to kiss him slowly but with a lot of passionTake all the time you want to make those kisses last as long as possible and you’ll see how your man is ready in minutes.

3. A caress that was not expected

How do you excite a man in bed? Take advantage of those Netflix afternoons in which you are lying on her lap to to give him some unexpected caresses.

Start by stroking her abdomen as you normally do and then start stroking her legs from top to bottom, slowly and more and more into the thigh. Get very close to his penis and testicles but without touching them, very calmly, until your boy can no longer resist and move on to other things.

4. Play it in the mornings

Sometimes we don’t think about what we can do in the mornings because routines don’t allow us to, we have the minutes counted to get out of the house and start our day, but what if one day you take the day off? time to excite your partner in the morning?

When he is waking up still sleepy, hug him and caress him gently until you get to his penis and start caressing it very subtly. You’ll see how you awaken all his passion. If you really can’t during the weekdays then leave it for the weekend, but do it. He’s gonna love it.

5. Spontaneity

Sometimes what it takes to excite a man in bed is spontaneity, not necessarily in bed. Try walk around the house with a new set of lingerie in a very seductive way when he doesn’t expect it, or if you get home before him, expect him dressed only in your lingerie.

Creativity and spontaneity are the key to keeping the spark active.and you of all people know how you could surprise him.

6. Body language

Men react very well to our body language, especially when we use it to seduce. So take advantage of those moments when you can pass in front of him and very close. rests your body on his with very sensual movements. Bend over a little so that I can feel your décolleté or so that I can feel your buttocks. You’ll see how they move quickly into action.

7. Let him know that you want it and that you’re excited.

The most infallible trick to excite a man in bed is let him know how much you want him and how much he turns you on.. Even better if you do it before he gets home, for example with a little sexting to get him excited. When you say hello, whisper in his ear what you feel like doing and kiss him. You’ll enjoy what’s going on.