Failure is a word that we try to run away from. The sheer thought of failure makes one feel that life is worthless. But however we may want to go away from it, failure never leaves us at some point in life. Life is certainly not a bed of roses where you have success and happiness strewn in your path. There are thorns too and they come in form in failure.

Our life is like a rose plant. The plant is appreciated for its beauty of the flower yet accepted along with its thorny stem. The thorns do not make the rose less beautiful or less fragrant. Then why crib about life? Success and failures are part of life. Just like rose and thorns make up the entire plant, similarly success and failures balance our life. Presence of thorns does not make the rose plant less desirable. Then why should presence of failures take away the happiness from our life? Let us see the ways to overcome failure.

  1. Remember that “success is failure turned inside out”. Every dark cloud has a silver lining. So do not lose hope or feel disheartened. Even though you feel that success and good times are evading you, there will come a time when you will have that reason to smile about. Try, and try harder and you will definitely succeed, leaving behind the memories of past failure.

dealing with failure

  1. Sometimes we suffer failure due to our mistake. However, there are times when other’s mistakes cause us to suffer. It takes great courage to own up your folly. Be brave and admit that you have erred. There is nothing to be ashamed of because as humans we do err at times. It is easy to blame others but difficult to face our own shortcomings. Learn to accept failure and defeat sportingly as it will ease the burden off your mind.

failure 2


  1. People are too eager to find fault with others. If you are at the receiving end of criticism, do not get disheartened. This criticism about your failure should be directed in a positive manner to make you strive more to achieve success. Amongst the various lessons of life, let this be an important one – Failure is the stepping stone to success.
  2. An analytical mind helps to overcome failure. We fail because we have made a mistake. But if we try to retrospect, then we can find exactly what went wrong and take corrective measures to rectify the situation.
  3. Failure inflicts pain. There may hardly be a person who takes failure in the stride. Common reaction to failure is that of resentment and sometimes anger. Nonetheless, we should realize that failure comes due to rash, unplanned or ill-planned actions. So let failure teach us the importance of patience and perseverance, which in future will lead us down the path of success.

failure 3

  1. Another way of dealing with failure is to discuss the situation with others. People tend to shy away when they are unsuccessful. On the contrary, if you discuss the reasons of your failure with others who have seen the situation from close quarters, then you may get an insight of what went wrong and how you could handle the issue to make it successful.

Failure is not bad. In fact, it teaches us many lessons in life. Always be positive and work hard. Soon you will reap the fruits of success, leaving failure miles behind.