In our day to day routine, we come across people who are simply very annoying.  Annoying someone in simple terms means irritating someone. Now irritation can be due to any of the below situations:-

  • A person asks you the same questions again and again.
  • A person takes more time than usual to complete the task on hand or is not very punctual in doing things.
  • A person constantly interrupts you, when you are discussion something with someone else.
  • A person argues with you for no rhyme or reason
  • A person likes to show off his/her knowledge every time you start a discussion with him, as if there is not a single thing in this world that he/she is not aware of.

Such irritation gives rise to annoyance and we simply begin to term such people as annoying people. Again we simply cannot ignore annoying people but should learn to deal with them. These are a few points that will help in this endeavor:-

  • It is important to listen. Listening will help you to get the best from the other person, because we may easily avoid an annoying personality totally without listening thoroughly. Thus this leads to misunderstandings which need further clarification. Hence if we listen carefully to such people, we are able to understand and train ourselves to prevent such people from diverting.
  • Maintain cool: It’s always important that you don’t lose your cool at the drop of a hat. Do not engage into unnecessary debates with people who annoy you, because it will result in loss of time and energy, which you could have otherwise invested on more fruitful tasks.
  • Set the expectation straight. This will help you in avoiding annoying situations. What does setting expectations straight mean? Its means, you have to prioritize yourself and be clear of what you want to do now. This also means being clear enough in telling someone that, the task on our hand is more important now, than what that person is asking you to do for him.
  • You need not fight fire with fire. Whenever you come across an annoying person who is angry and irrational types, its better not to engage in a debate with him. As it will only result in more angry words being exchanged and the entire essence of having a meaningful conversation will be lost. Then again you will have to spend some more time to explain what you need and how this person can help you get it done. Hence in order to avoid such unpleasant situations, you can better ask to schedule a meeting at a time comfortable for both the parties, so that it can be more productive.
  • The need is mutual: The most important thing is to remember that no matter how much a person annoys you still he has some work to do with you and vice versa. Therefore dealing in a diplomatic manner will serve your purpose.