What it is and how to achieve female ejaculation

A new territory of our sexuality is attracting a lot of attention. Some thanks to the porn industry, but some because the taboos are falling and now we feel freer to talk about sex. Now it’s the turn of the controversial squirt.

The squirt or squirting, as some call it, rather than a form of female ejaculation is a practice in which women expel an intense “jet” of liquid, as its name indicates. But does it really exist? We’ll tell you all about squirting and we teach you some keys to achieve a squirt.

What is the squirt?

The squirt is a strong jet-like discharge or intense torrent of fluid that accumulates in the vagina, which comes out mostly during orgasmbut not always. Sometimes this liquid, which forms the female ejaculation, comes out before we reach climax, or after climax when we continue to urinate at the end of sexual intercourse.

We started talking about squirting because of scenes from porn movies, in which women are able to throw endless jets of liquid propelled through their vagina. This is how the controversy began, but it is because of this that many women (around 40%) began to claim that they had also experienced a squirt, although many of them felt ashamed to talk about it, especially because some confuse it with urine. Now, multiple investigations have taken place around the squirt and feminine pleasure in general.

Among the most important findings is that of female ejaculation. All women ejaculate with orgasm as well as men, but not necessarily in this forceful way. However, we can learn how to achieve a squirtThis form of ejaculation has fascinated both men and women.

Now, the other great finding is that of female ejaculation and the Skene glands, popularly called the “female prostate. The Skene glands lubricate the urethra and our ejaculation. They are located around the urethra and 2 cm from the entrance of the vagina to the inside. In addition, it contains a bifid duct, located on the side and side of the urinary meatus, through which the secretion exits, or female ejaculation fluid and squirt.

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How to achieve a squirt?

What happens with female ejaculation is that many times we contain it because we think it is urine, and instead of letting out that stream of liquid and pleasure, we send it in to the bladder and eliminate it with the urine.

But if squirting has become your target, it is possible to practice it and learn how to achieve a squirt I mean porn scene. The important thing is to learn to stimulate the G-spot, an open mind to pleasure and start practicing until squirting is part of your sex life.

1. With the mind in the game

Remember that for us women, the mind plays a fundamental role in achieving orgasm and, therefore, squirting. So relax your mind, let yourself be carried away by the excitement and enjoy without also focusing only on how to achieve a squirtbut in feeling, listening to your body and enjoying.

2. Where to play to stimulate

Squirting is accomplished by masturbation on your own or with the help of your partner. It is known that very few women have achieved it with penetration, because the G-spot must be stimulated very wellbut also, because the closeness of our partner’s body will not let us see how that pleasant expulsion of our vagina comes out.

The famous G-spot exists and it is the one that we must stimulate with much spirit, after you are already warm and excited, stimulating the clitoris first, for example. The G-spot was found about 3 or 5 centimeters into the vagina. When we massage it, we are stimulating the roots of the clitoris with its thousands of nerve endings, but even more importantly, we stimulate the Skene glands which are also there and which are in charge of producing the squirt.

For you or your partner to recognize exactly the area to be stimulated, keep in mind that it feels like a rough texture and with excitement tends to thicken.

3. How we should play

Lie on your back with your legs open so that you are more comfortable and your partner can stimulate you better. Now, do you remember the spider-man hand gesture to pull out cobwebs? Well, that’s the way it is. the posture of the hand with which they are going to stimulate youthat’s why it gets that name.

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Your partner should penetrate you with the middle fingers and ring with the palm of the hand facing upwards; with them he should massage and press the area in the direction of the navel. In the meantime, you can try to stimulate your clitoris with your big toe, at the same rhythm as the fingers inside and the palm of your hand will be in a perfect position to stimulate your vulva. All erogenous zones covered!

If you like sex toys, you can also use one of these that are made to stimulate the G-spot, the clitoris and achieve squirting more easily.

4. Pelvic movements

It’s it is important that you accompany the stimulation with pelvic movements tensing and relaxing rhythmically. Try to lift the hip and squeeze the buttocks, this is very useful to meet the goal of achieving a squirt.

5. Sensation of urination and the moment of squirt

At this point it is possible that with all the stimulation you feel like urinatingbut keep going until you really can’t stand it anymore, you’ve come to the moment of the squirt. Here you can move on with your fingers penetrated and let out your squirt, or quickly pull out your fingers and push forward, as in a childbirth, and at this time the intense jet of liquid or squirt will come out.

It’s possible that you won’t make it the first time, however, you can try again at that moment or another time, anyway the pleasure will have been spectacular. Please also note that squirting requires practicebecause a lot of us aren’t used to it. The sensation is different, intense, somewhat strange for those who have never had it. In some cases, you may have a sensation of pleasure-pain, but go ahead, as this is one of the indicators that the squirt is very close.