H&M wears out a skirt with flowers that all ‘influencers’ wear.

Flower garments continue and will continue to be the greatest hits summer after summer. But while last year the great majority were dressed with prints of big flowers, this season, can be found in its most ‘mini’ version in dresses, blouses and above all skirts, the fetish garment of all ‘influencers’. And it seems that this summer, the ‘it girls’ of the moment bet on the midi’ cut skirts in the most fluid versions.

It has already happened with a satin skirt with leopard print that has caused real furor in Instagram. Practically all the French bloggers combined their looks with a Réalisation skirt that unfortunately sold out, although we can find her clone in Zara.

The new H&M skirt that is already sold out

Now, another skirt that hasn’t gone unnoticed has been a floral of the Swedish firm H&M. In the nets, we have already seen different versions of skirts and dresses that stand out for having a print of smaller flowers and where the main colors are white and green.

It is precisely this requirement that has driven all of H&M’s customers crazy. On the website of the firm ‘low-cost’ you can find the version in black and gray in different sizes, but the green and white skirt is exhausted. It is a midi cut and high waist model, with a side opening and decorative buttons that have made it an object of desire.

Successful design among it girls

Plus, its price of 29.95 euros has caused many to have betting on this skirt to look ideal this summer and copy the most successful styles on social networks. But it has not only been exhausted by its stamping, but also by its shape. The skirt in question is perfect to combine in multiple looks.

Proof of this is another H&M skirt exactly the same but with red and white mole pattern that has also hung the poster of exhausted. Because both and the different versions that we can find in stores can be worn with basic t-shirts and at the same time with the most sophisticated blouses, as well as flat sandals or heels and even with sports.

Crepe skirt with red and white polka dots by H&M, for 29.99 euros.
Crepe skirt with red and white polka dots by H&M, for 29.99 euros.

Image by: H&M.