History’s 10 Most Celebrity Bassist Women

The role of bass player is usually the least protagonist in most bands. Despite this, the bass is an indispensable instrument in many musical genres. The entire development of a song can depend on your mastery of execution.

However, throughout history bassists are often forgottenand although there are great bassists, they don’t seem to be as remembered as singers or guitarists. In the case of bassist women, this lack of protagonism is even more marked.

History’s 10 Most Celebrity Bassist Women

There are bassist women who will leave you with a square eye.. They have nothing to envy the talent of the most famous male bassists. In fact, we encourage you to find their videos, you will surely be surprised at the extraordinary level they demonstrate with their instrument.

Some of the best bassists have already left their name in the history of music. From many different genres, they have come to sound loud and make themselves heard beyond time. Meet the 10 most famous bassist women of history.

1. D’Arcy Wretzky

D’Arcy Wretzky is one of the most popular bassists.. Born in 1968 in Michigan. In addition to the bass he is a vocalist, plays the classical violin and the oboe. Thanks to being part of the Smashing Pumpkins for 11 years is so well known worldwide.

A year before the band left the stage, D’Arcy decided to leave the group and try his luck with the performance. Rumors of a not-so-good relationship between her and the band members, as well as some scandals with the law, continue to put her in the public eye.

2. Tal Wilkenfeld

Such a Wilkenfeld has been considered a bass prodigy. He was born in 1986 in Australia, at the age of 14 he was already playing the guitar and at the age of 16 he left school to move to the United States, entering the Los Angeles Music Academy.

It is at the age of 17 that he decides on the electric bass and begins to make a career and gain a name in the music scene. She’s invited by Jeff Beck to participate with him on stage, and from the “Crossroads Guitar Festival 2007”, Tal gains worldwide popularity for his masterful bass solo. which left everyone speechless.

Tal Wilkenfeld

3. Kim Deal

Kim Deal was the bassist for about 27 years of the band Pixies. Maybe the punk group wouldn’t have been the same without Kim, as his bass talent wasn’t limited to execution but included composition.

“? Where is my mind ? is an example of Deal’s talent, as from some bass lines he managed to compose one of the band’s most emblematic songs. After separating from Pixies, Kim has continued her own musical career with other projects and collaborations.

4. Peace Lenchantin

Peace Lenchantin is currently the bassist of Pixies.. After Kim Deal’s departure from the band, “The Muffs” guitarist Kim Shattuck briefly took her place, but it was only for a few months, prior to Paz’s entry.

Paz Lenchantin is of naturalized Argentinean-American origin, born in 1973, she has stood out for her masterful handling of the bass. He was part of the band A perfect circle and also from Zwanamong many other projects, before joining Pixies.

Peace Lechantin

5. Kim Gordon

Kim Gordon is still in force at more than 60 years of age. Although he no longer devotes himself so much to music, but more to writing essays and articles, Kim Gordon was an important figure in the music scene of the 1980s.

He was no more and no less than part of Sonic Youthan alternative rock band that is a fundamental part of the history of underground sound. Her talent has passed time and she will always be remembered as one of the best bass women in history.

6. Suzi Quatro

Suzi Quatro was born in Michigan on June 3, 1950. It’s considered the first great bass rockstar.so it is said that she opened the way for future bassists. He is still playing, his 2011 album had a great acceptance.

When he threw his first single called “Rolling Stone” was only successful in Portugaland its overall success seemed uncertain. However, the following topics were more widely accepted, particularly in the United Kingdom and Australia. He also participated in Happy Days, a very popular American series that helped him become known and recognized for his talent.

Suzy Quatro

7. Meshell Ndegeocello

Meshell Ndegeocello is one of the main drivers of the Neo Soul style.. Born in Berlin in 1968, she is not only a bassist, but also a composer, rapper and singer. His style encompasses a wide range of styles such as funk, hip hop, jazz and reggae.

His 10 nominations to the grammy and his participation with figures such as Alanis Morissette or The Rolling Stoneshave made her very popular. This has helped him to make people pay special attention to his work and prove that Meshell has a special talent for music.

8. Esperanza Spalding

Esperanza Spalding went down in history thanks to a Grammy Award he received. Although her story doesn’t stop there, Spalding gained greater popularity when in 2011 she became the first jazz performer to win a Grammy as a revelation artist.

Esperanza Spalding was a child prodigy for music. At the age of 5 he was already playing the violin without anyone having taught him, and he was part of the Chamber Music Society of Oregon. This incredible musician born in 1984, who is also a singer, still has a lot to give and will surely be remembered for her great talent.

9. Carol Kaye

Carol Kaye has a special and unique place in the history of music.. He was born in Washington in 1935 and is considered the legend of the electric bass. Her work as a bassist led her to participate in more than 10,000 sessions for groups that made history.

Some of the bands and artists he participated with are: The beach boys, The Doors, Zappa, Frank Sinatra, Ritchie Valens among many others. If you’ve ever heard the famous “La bamba” then you’ve heard Carol Kaye’s mastery of bass.

10. Sean Yseult

Sean Yseult is the bassist co-founder of White Zombie. She was born in North Carolina in 1966 and in 1985 she meets Rob Zombie with whom she gets involved sentimentally and they also create the band that made her famous, White Zombie.

Although the band remained around 9 years before dissolving, Sean’s fame and talent survived the time and collaborated in various musical projects. She is also a graphic designer and as such has done outstanding work that has led her to exhibit in various art centers in Paris and New York.