Foods that promote muscle toning

Many are the people who begin to exercise with the intention of toning their body and increasing their body mass.

Muscle toning is related to the tone of a muscle, that is, how hard that muscle is when it is at rest. It is about exercising it to make it stronger.

Body mass is linked to the amount of matter present in the human body. This concept is associated with the Body Mass Index (BMI), which consists of associating weight and height to a person to discover if this relationship is healthy. According to the figure obtained from the above-mentioned calculation:

If the number obtained is below 18.50 it is established that the person in question is underweight.
If the result is between 18.50 and 24.99 it can be said that the person is in a normal weight situation.
If the result obtained is between 25 and 30 it will be said that the person is overweight.
If the result is above 30, the person is said to have an obesity problem. Between 30 and 34.99 it will be slight, between 35 and 39.99 it will be medium and if finally it exceeds 40 we will talk about obesity bites.

What can we do to gain muscle mass besides exercising?

To gain muscle mass it is advisable to eat a number of foods that have a high percentage of protein and also to take in carbohydrates and unsaturated fats.

What are proteins needed for?

They are very necessary so that stronger and larger muscle fibers can be formed which will make us resist the intensity of physical exercise.

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What are carbohydrates needed for?

They are the main source of energy and are necessary for immediate muscle work. When carbohydrates are exhausted they pull secondary energy, called fat.

How will we know if our food plan is adequate?

It should contain 30% protein: we can find it in lean beef, skinless chicken breast, low-fat cheeses, fish, eggs.
50% amount of carbohydrates: present in rice, pasta, wholemeal bread, quinoa, oats, potatoes, lentils, vegetables, fruits.
20% in unsaturated fats such as olive oil, sunflower oil, nuts.

Food for the muscles

Do you know the most suitable foods that will help us tone our muscles?

Eggs: the largest amount of protein is found in the egg white. It is recommended to consume a maximum of 1 or 2 eggs per day. Egg whites, however, can be eaten with fewer restrictions, and are a somewhat faster digesting protein, ideal as a pre- or post-training meal.
Low-fat and low-salt milk and cheeses: as they are low in fat they do not provide much fat to the body and also provide good nutrients to build up muscle more easily. They contain quality animal protein.

Lean meat and fish: beef is rich in creatine, which improves muscle mass, reduces body fat and increases endurance. With regard to fish, are good contribution to tuna, mackerel, salmon for their contribution in omega 3.

Goat’s yoghurt: goat’s milk has a high protein content and is less fatty than cow’s milk, providing a much faster digestion than cow’s milk.

Oats: it offers us high biological value proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. It is the cereal with the highest proportion of vegetable fat, 65% unsaturated fats and 35% linoleic acid. It contains carbohydrates that are easy to absorb fiber, sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc, vitamins B and E. It also provides us with a lot of energy before training.

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Quinoa: contains good protein reserves and does not lack the amino acid lysine so its protein is more complete. It contains high levels of potassium and riboflavin, iron and B vitamins. It is a good source of magnesium, zinc, copper and manganese.
Legumes: contain fiber and a high amount of vegetable protein and carbohydrates. Lentils and soya beans are recommended.

Dry fruits: provide proteins, fibre and healthy fats, helping our digestion to be a little slower, so that their amino acids remain in the body longer and favour sleep. We recommend nuts, almonds and sunflower seeds.
Olive oil: its monounsaturated fats prevent the degeneration of muscle tissue and care for the joints, something that is essential before training.

Eating a diet rich in protein will help us repair muscle fibers more quickly and efficiently. It is important to exercise as a complement to achieve our goal, which will be toning.

This article is published for information purposes only. It cannot and should not substitute for consultation with a Nutritionist. We advise you to consult your trusted Nutritionist.