The diet soda jumped to fame as one more item on the healthy menu. But the truth is that its benefits began to be questioned a long time ago. While it allows us to enjoy something sweet without consuming calories, drinking too much diet soda has negative consequences that you should know as soon as possible.

Several studies have been done on its consumption and the results are not encouraging at all. I invite you to demolish the myths of their “advantages” and know these 9 reasons to stop drinking diet soda.

#9 Weight gain!

Contrary to what we all thought, diet soda won’t necessarily help you lose weight. And that’s not me, it’s experts from the University of Texas who did a decade of research.

The result? Compared to non-drinkers, diet soda drinkers increased their waist width by 70%.

According to this research, there are two main reasons. On the one hand, artificial sweeteners confuse our body and metabolism causes you to gain weight.

On the other hand, the psychological factor plays a very important role. Since you’re not eating calories with diet soda, you convince yourself that eating one more plate won’t make a big difference and that’s where the mistake lies.

#8 Leave your teeth yellow

A study published in the journal General Dentistry showed that the dental erosion of those who drink diet soda is the same as that suffered by cocaine and methamphetamine users. Over time, the citric acid in diet soda destroys the tooth enamel and causes that reaction.

#7 Increased risk of type 2 diabetes

This reason is one of the most important. According to research at the University of Minnesota, the likelihood of getting diabetes is boosted by a 36% daily intake of diet soda. The set of negative consequences include: high blood pressure, high glucose levels, and increasing cholesterol, among others.

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#6 May cause severe headaches

There are studies and real cases of people suffering from migraine because of diet soda. The reason is found in the artificial sweetener they use for their production. So you know, if you’re one of those who suffer from severe headaches often, it’s best to stop drinking this drink as soon as possible.

#5 Speed up the drunkenness

A study at the University of Northern Kentucky concluded that diet soda cocktails cause a higher-than-average breath alcohol level, causing you to get drunk faster than naturally sweetened drinks. The explanation? Apparently, the artificial sweetener is quickly absorbed into the human body’s blood, unlike the sugar that takes longer to absorb.

#4 It will damage your bones

The consumption of soda in general, and this includes dietary, increases the risk of osteoporosis, mainly in women. Two studies, one from Tufts University and another published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found that soda drinkers have low bone mineral density in the hip.

The passage of time is already doing its part to increase the problems of osteoporosis. If you drink too much soda throughout your life the only thing you will do is to promote this disease.

#3 It is associated with depression

For 10 years, the American Academy of Neurology carried out an investigation comparing people who consumed diet soda and people who did not. The conclusion was amazing! Those who drank more than four cans of soda a day turned out to be 30% more prone to depression than those who did not. While it is only a possible correlation, i.e., it is not cause-and-effect, it is important to consider it within the 9 reasons for not drinking diet soda.

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#2 It’s harmful to the heart

Just one diet soda a day will increase your chances of experiencing a vascular episode by 43%. These are the conclusions reached by researchers from the University of Miami and Columbia. Problems can range from stroke or heart attack to vascular death.

#1 Does not bring nutritional values to your body

While diet soda has no calories, there is a healthier, more natural option. A drink without calories and that is essential for our body. That we can take it with or without gas and that it is delicious.

What am I talking about? The old and dear little bottle of water. Years may pass, other drinks may be invented, but water will always be the best option.

As the experts say, there is still a lot of research to be done to reach deeper and more accurate conclusions. But the truth is that the studies carried out so far do not favor the consumption of diet soda at all. So you know, prevention is better than cure!

There you go.