H&M’s only logistics centre in Spain has decided to go on an indefinite strike. after the negotiations between the workers’ unions and the Swedish company to raise the wages of their workers in the warehouse have been truncated.

The UGT union has pointed out that there are discrepancies between H&M and its workers in relation to the wage increase, but that also we want to avoid discriminating against those workers who have a “plus an person”.. This measure affects all workers at the company’s logistics centre located in Torrejón de Ardoz, in Madrid.

Indefinite strike due to wage conditions

Apparently, H&M wants to narrow the pay gap between the 318 new and veteran employees. But he wants to do it by “equalizing downwards”, i.e. increasing wages only for those workers who are paid less. For UGT this measure is a clear sign of the “little interest” in remedying this situation.

“We’re not willing to accept this crude blackmail.”It is for this reason that as of this Tuesday an indefinite strike has been called at H&M’s only logistics centre in Spain, which could cause great havoc for sales, as it is in charge of supplying stores in Spain and Portugal.

Dozens of H&M workers on strike
Dozens of H&M workers on strike

Image by: Flickr.

The waiters at Spain’s only logistics centre are planted

At the moment, the basic salary of the waiters of warehouse is in 854 euros per month to forty hours weekly, which with the bonuses of nightlife and transport “barely surpass the 900 euros”, indicate from UGT. A much lower figure than its competitors. For example, there is a different one of up to 600 euros with Inditex.

It should be noted that at the company’s meeting with the unions, a 15.9% increase in the salary, spread over 3 years, has been proposed. This increase would benefit half of the staff at the logistics centre in Madrid. They would also have a six-monthly attendance bonus for all staff and functional bonuses for employees performing administrative tasks, H&M said.

However, it seems that these conditions have not been accepted by the trade union representativeswhich is why they have taken the decision to start a strike starting today that will not end until an agreement is reached between the two parties.

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