Brazilian Hair Removal: What Is It and Why Is It Fashionable?

Many women yearn for a body totally free of body hair. The legs, armpits, and arms are the areas most often shaved or depilated. However, Brazilian hair removal has become one of the most popular.

This type of hair removal consists of removing hair from the entire genital area. Doing it this way is very practical when wearing certain garments such as bikinis. Although it is an extremely sensitive area, with the right care it is possible to obtain a perfect Brazilian depilation without suffering.

What is it and why is it fashionable?

Around Brazilian depilation there is some debate about whether it is healthy or not. Some people think that hair is a natural protection for the skin. On the contrary, also those who assure that the most hygienic thing is to eliminate it. It is also more pleasurable in intimate relationships.

There are several reasons why a woman would consider Brazilian depilation. You may want to wear a tiny bikini, special underwear, surprise your partner or just for comfort. It is also true that there are different styles and techniques among which you can choose the one that best suits your personal taste.

This hair removal can be done temporarily or permanently, using inhibiting creams, hot waxes, blades or other hair removal techniques such as laser sessions.

Although the depilation process can be done by yourself, if you want a total Brazilian depilation it is advisable to go to a professional center.

Types of Brazilian hair removal.

Although Brazilian depilation consists of depilating the hair of the pubic area, there are different degrees of depilation. The types of Brazilian depilation basically go from delineating only a little hair to eliminating it completely.including the vaginal lips and anal area.

Any chosen style is valid, but the best thing is to go to a professional center that offers confidence; so that they work in the intimate zones it is important that one feels comfortable. Those who prefer to do it themselves must opt for quality products and have the necessary care.

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1. Nude Style

The Nude Style consists of completely removing the hair. Not only is the most visible part depilated, but all the hair is even removed from the inside of the vaginal lips and anus. This type of hair removal requires a lot of care not to damage the most sensitive skin.

This style of hair removal is for those more daring women. You can choose either the temporary or the definitive form. Although there is no shortage of discomfort after depilation, women are generally very satisfied with the results.

2 . Brasilené Style

In the Brasilené style everything is depilated except a small area of the pubis.. This type of hair removal is the most common, as it is not as radical but allows you to feel comfortable with tiny garments.

According to the amount of hair left, Brazilian hair removal is divided into three possibilities: margarita, martini and ruby. It can be uncomfortable for certain women to go to a center and ask for it, but this type of hair removal has been popular for years.

3 . American Style

This style of hair removal is considered one of the sexiest among men. American Style hair removal consists of removing all the hair leaving only a small line that protrudes two centimeters above the pubis.

In addition, this style reduces the hair leaving it extremely short, making it very discreet. It’s a good option if you don’t want the Nude Style but want to remove as much hair as possible.

4 . Fantasy Style

Fantasy Style hair removal is ideal for surprising a couple.. In this style of depilation are used to delineate figures such as flowers, stars, hearts, rhombuses and lines, giving a fun and flirtatious touch to the intimate area.

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This style of depilation lets your imagination run wild. In some centres dedicated to intimate depilation, accessories such as Swarovski crystals and other details are integrated.

Hair Removal Techniques

Brazilian hair removal techniques do not differ much from ordinary onesare basically the same as those used in other areas of the body. However, since it is a particularly sensitive and delicate area, it requires greater care (during and after depilation).

1. Inhibiting creams

This type of creams are specially formulated to dissolve the hair.. They are very effective even though they allow the necessary care to not cause any type of irritation to the skin.

These creams are made with highly alkaline chemicals. These allow to break the keratin structure of the hair until weakening it, moment in which it can be eliminated only removing the cream.

2. Blades

Many Women Think Blade Use May Be Inappropriate. In spite of the idea that intimate depilation may seem like an old-fashioned or even aggressive technique, it is enough to take a few small precautions to carry it out in a comfortable and simple way.

Before using any type of blade it is advisable to trim the hair with scissors, taking care not to cut the skin. It is best to do this technique during the hot shower, so it is possible to dilate the pores and make it easier to slide the blade.

3. Laser

Laser hair removal is used to permanently remove hair. Although it is not as easy as going once and forgetting, it is necessary to do several sessions to completely inhibit hair growth.

In this technique different types of light are applied, which act directly on the melanin that contains the hair. This causes their growth to be completely eliminated, which condenses after about five sessions.