Advertising Policy

Currently, the main sources of funding come exclusively from online advertising, which gives us the opportunity to finance the site, its specialized partners and health professionals, and the various technical updates necessary for its proper functioning.

Our website contains advertising blocks (banners), and all the advertising contained in the site is easily distinguishable under the word “Advertising”, “Google Ads” and “Links Sponsored by Taboola”.

Wellnessbeam’s mission is to provide readers with reliable information in the pursuit of health and wellness. We are therefore committed to providing you with easily accessible, understandable and, above all, safe content.

Wellnessbeam is therefore not dependent on any company and we are inflexible about our own editorial autonomy. We never allow sponsors to influence the content we create and publish. And Wellnessbeam is a completely independent and impartial entity, which is not linked to any medical laboratory or company belonging to the pharmaceutical industry.

Below you can find out more about the types of advertising we accept on our website:


We choose and review ads

At Wellnessbeam we maintain an exclusive discretion to determine what types of advertisements will be accepted and displayed on, reserving the right to reject or cancel any advertisement, at any time and for any reason. We also reserve the right to determine the appropriate location of the ads that are displayed, always complying with a maxim: do not bother the user or are intrusive to them.


We do not accept certain types of ads

If a particular ad shows an inaccurate or tasteless fact, we will never accept its publication on our site. Wellnessbeam will not allow, at any time, the placement of any advertisement for illegal or harmful products or services.

Therefore, advertisements must not contain fraudulent, offensive or misleading material. In addition, they must not be related to tobacco, alcohol, pornography, gambling, emergencies or news simulation.


We do not endorse any type of product or brand.

As mentioned above, even if certain products or brands are advertised on our site, this does not mean that we accept or approve the product(s) and/or service(s) advertised.


We clearly distinguish advertisements from editorial content

We always maintain a clear separation between the advertisements and the editorial content we publish. Thus, all ads displayed on are clearly identified as such.


5. We clearly distinguish between sponsored and unsponsored content.

Sponsorships offer Wellnessbeam the possibility of obtaining a reliable source of funding. However, editorial content sponsored by an advertiser is also subject to our editorial policy, so it is always reviewed by our editorial staff.


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