With the arrival of winter, there are many sportsmen and women who are eager to go out and ride their bikes while enjoying the memorable landscapes and panoramic views that are characteristic of this time of year. However, to enjoy the winter in an efficient and safe way, it is necessary to have a good maintenance in our means of transport.

“But how do I know if my bike is ready for winter? This is one of the most frequently asked questions among those athletes who want to ride their bikes safely during the coldest months of the year. To address this issue, there are several tips provided by two-wheel specialists to help you learn how to take care of your bike during the winter season.

If you are interested in knowing some of them, here are five ways to take care of your bike this winter.

5 ways to look after your bike this winter

Check your tyre pressures

The wheels of our bicycle are responsible for setting the pace of our movement and guaranteeing safe riding. This is achieved thanks to the grip of the rims and tyres, which can be weakened by the arrival of rain and storms. For this reason, checking our tyre pressures is a mandatory task if we do not want to suffer damage or accidents during our transport.

Protect your handlebars

As you probably know, bike handle grips are one of the most important parts of a bicycle. Thanks to their ergonomics, these parts are responsible for establishing contact between the individual and the control of the bike, so that quality bicycle bike handle grips can mark a before and after in our winter outings. For this reason, their maintenance is also necessary with the arrival of cold months and low temperatures.

Clean the chain

The chain is the main victim of wear and tear on a bike in winter. This damage increases with the arrival of low temperatures, so we must regularly degrease our chain if we want our bike to avoid damage during the coldest months of the year. After cleaning the chain, it is highly recommended to dry it and apply a lubricant afterwards, in order to ensure efficient adaptation to wet or muddy terrain.


Protect your bike from the cold

One of the most economical ways to look after your bike in winter is to keep it out of the cold. Low temperatures are the worst enemies of bicycles, as they increase wear and tear and directly attack the paintwork and aesthetics of any vehicle. For this reason, we recommend that you store it or protect it on a suitable blanket when it is not being used to shelter it during the winter.

Wash your bike regularly

If you want a safe and well-maintained bike, it is best to keep it clean and equipped. This measure is often overlooked in maintenance manuals, but its advantages and benefits can make all the difference on our winter rides. In addition, washing your bike regularly helps to remove particles and agents that can damage the upholstery, as well as helping to prevent the accumulation of dirt and mud on its most delicate parts.


If you plan to spend some time without a bike, it is best to disassemble it to ensure its preservation. Although this process includes disassembling the handlebars, saddle and wheels, it is not a time-consuming task. Moreover, its results are remarkable and it is not necessary to go to a workshop, so disassembling the bike could be one of the most interesting alternatives to take care of it in winter.