80% of companies bet on corporate Wellness

The study concludes that 78.1% of the companies surveyed opt for these programs which, for the most part, consist of total or partial discounts on the share of fitness centres.

It is also noteworthy that 71.9% consider that employees make use of the corporate Wellness program. On the other hand, in order to measure the impact of these programs, 44.1% of companies opted to carry out employee satisfaction surveys and 26.5% for work climate surveys.

The vast majority of companies surveyed that offer corporate wellness services say that they bring positive benefits for both employees and the corporations themselves, including a reduction in sick leave, as well as happier, motivated and satisfied employees.

In the case of the Andjoy platform, more than 400 companies are betting on the benefits it proposes, among which are more than 2,000 centers (gyms, yoga studios, Spa, climbing centers, crossfit, dance …) with which it collaborates and which can access its users.

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