What we often lack when it comes to diversifying what we do in bed is more creativity to play with pleasure and seductionthat lead us to live moments of high voltage. For example, have you ever tried sex play in bed?

Sex games are great for spark back.to go out of the routine, to experience the body of our partner and to enjoy with freedom our sexuality and the pleasures that this one gives us. We recommend some of the best.

The 8 Sex Games to do with your partner

There is nothing we like more than to play and even better if our prize will make us see stars. These are the best sex games to have nights full of passion and fun with your partner.

Go ahead and try them. They are suitable for the more timid and demure, but also very interesting for the more risky.

1. Changing roles

We start with one of the most popular sex games, role-playing. It’s about choosing a different character each and acting all night as if they were them. They can be real characters, fictitious or linked to stories. The condition is that they’ll be different people that night, and that’s the fundamental part of the game they’re going to flirt with, seduce and provoke your partner into bed.

There are couples who prefer to start by going back in time and going to a bar and acting like two strangers who are seducing each other for the first time. This is also valid as a change of roles and is a good start to try sex play and have a very little night’s sleep.

2. Strip poker

If you and your partner like cardsnow they’re going to use them for foreplay. The game is that the bets are garments, so every time one of you loses the round of the game, you must remove a garment, and so on until they are naked. Accompany it with a good atmosphere with low lights, music and drinks, and you’ll see how this pre-game takes them straight to bed.

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3. What does my mouth taste like?

To start playing you need to blindfold your partner’s eyes. But first make sure you are in a suitable place, such as the bedroom or the living room, that they are a little lighter in clothes and, why not, with candles to accompany the evening. Now yes, start with this sex game and put in your mouth a little strawberry, ice cream, chocolate, liquor, cream or whatever comes to mind. For every taste you put on kiss passionately your partner to guess what it is.

In principle this foreplay is an excuse to kiss each other, but if it fails with the flavor, it gets the most delicious punishment: lick a little more of that flavor from the part of your body you prefer. From there to action in seconds.

4. Fantasies in costumes

Another sexual game whose objective is to stimulate visually and mentally is that of disguise one another’s sexual fantasy. For some nurses, other cops; whatever your partner’s sexual fantasy is, find out and surprise him one night by putting on your costume and playing the role. You’ll see how he’s crazy with pleasure.

5. Paper

We can also transfer the famous paper game to sex and the best, with different tones depending on the occasion and the boldness.

If you want to use it as a preliminary gameThey can write parts of the body on a piece of paper and put them inside a jar, as well as verbs related to excitement like kissing, touching, licking inside another jar. Each one takes a piece of paper out of each jar and does what is written on it.

Now, this can also become a sex game in every sense of the word. Before we start with the excitement to start making love, write sexual positions and actions on the slips of paper they want to do while they’re having sex. When they’ve warmed up, they start taking out little papers and doing what they say. They’ll have sex several times that night.

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6. Body painting

The body painting can also be very useful to us in the moment of the previous games, because nothing more sensual and that wakes up the libido that slowly paint your partner’s naked body and that this one does the same thing to you. Instead of painting use water, scented oils or dare to more and use foodstuffs that can lick, using the tongue as a brush. They won’t be able to resist.

7. Against the clock or the bomb of desire

If you haven’t tried it yet, you’ve been missing out on one of the best. sex play to prolong the desire and excitement of the preamble. When they are starting a moment of passion, take the mobile or a clock and set an alarm for within 20 minutes. The game consists of stimulating each other with kisses, caresses, licking, touching and anything but penetration. When the alarm goes off, you can finally move on to the next level.

This is a highly recommended sex game. for couples who have increasingly forgotten the importance of foreplaythe enjoyment of the body and sexuality with the partner before reaching penetration. There are many cases of couples who have a good time together that go straight to penetration and when they start playing against the clock have rediscovered all the eroticism of foreplay.

8. Games in sex shops

It’s no secret that sex shops are special places to let your imagination run wild and surprise you with everything there is to make sex more dynamic. Inside them you will find different sex games that you can decide for.

Go with your partner and choose the game you like best together. You will realise that from the moment they enter the shop the desire will increase and they will return home a little warmer and more enthusiastic to play.

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