Health is important to maintain the vitality that offers mobility and the fulfillment of daily responsibilities, in that sense, having habits that favor health care is ideal to maintain the best possible body performance, the same happens with the activities and hobbies, (like sailing) ,when they favor the welfare are much more useful, since they serve to entertain and keep leisure time invested in profitable activities, while health care and better results are achieved for the body.

Which benefits can this activity give us?

Everyone has their favorite entertainment activity, everything depends on the type of hobby you have and, of course, the economic possibilities you have at the time to engage in a hobby, many prefer to play sports, others have as a hobby to attend the theater or be part of a group that fits their tastes. Other people prefer sailing (whether on a expensive yaht or on a motorsailer catamaran) as an activity to pass the time, especially for those who love the sea and nature, getting time in the fresh air. Now, sailing has health benefits that are real and tangible, which are described below.


1. Improved breathing capacity

When you sail you feel the fresh breeze that comes from the sea, beyond its relaxing quality, this has particular properties thanks to its cleanliness and purity, it is an air so clean that it is only compared to the one you breathe in the mountains. It also has high iodine content, which acts as a remedy for nasal or pulmonary respiratory ailments, in fact, it is considered as therapy the salt water nasal bath and precisely, when sailing there is a very similar effect that also releases negative toxins.

2. Muscle strengthening

Sailing offers a mobility that is proper of physically active people, since, a particular agility is needed to attend any mishap that appears in the process, also, to attend the requirements that arise by the control of the rudder. Besides, at the time of diving into the sea, it is therapeutic to help strengthen muscles and joints, also serving for the rehabilitation of muscular injuries.

3. It promotes concentration

By the time of embarking on sailing, concentration is essential, particular attention must be paid to what happens around the boat and inside it, as well as the care that must be taken for the effective fulfillment of the previously established route, then, a concentration capacity is developed, which derives in paying attention to the details with more consideration, which can be beneficial for daily life and in work matters.

4. Improved circulatory system

Sailing can be beneficial with people who have circulatory problems, since, getting into the sea and taking a dip in colder waters generates relief in people with pains coming from arthritis or other ailments, also, it serves as a really effective therapy for varicose veins.

5. It eliminates anxiety

When you sail you have access to a time of relaxation and tranquility, also, in case of sailing in solitude is considered a moment of personal encounter, reuniting with the most personal feelings and giving a period of reflection, all this, is an effective solution to anxiety attacks or other conditions related to lack of entertainment. In addition, it is an effective way to release stress and the conditions that this can bring.


6. Improved balance

While sailing, the waves are part of the journey, making instability and constant fluttering a reality, therefore, a particular ability to stay in balance for a long time is developed, this gets better the more time is spent sailing. Also, it is a way to train for situations that can generate seasickness, as happens in sailing.

7. Social and family gatherings

Maintaining an active social life is beneficial to your health, interacting with people with common interests is very pleasant, therefore, sailing is an opportunity to meet and get together with people who share this hobby. Also, it can be a way to meet with the family and revive the union between relatives, since close relatives can be invited to sail as an entertainment activity.