Enjoying conversations can be easier if we have interesting topics in mind.

Getting to know a person well and becoming friends with others are aspects of life that, sometimes, cost. Having social skills helps to meet people, but in addition to that it is positive to have topics of conversation.

Below you can see a selection of conversation topics for women and men of any age that can be useful in making someone more open to us.

Topics of conversation for all tastes

Sometimes, a good part of the problems we experience on a day-to-day basis have to do with difficulties when trying to connect with others.

The feeling of boredom, or that of loneliness or misunderstanding, can be combated simply by improving the way conversations are kept alive. This helps to have interesting or fun topics of conversation for women or men of all ages. These are some proposals.

1. Childhood anecdotes

Explaining funny or sobering anecdotes that occurred in our childhood usually has a lot of power when it comes to arousing the interest of all the people involved in the conversation. Normally, in addition, it serves to encourage others to explain other similar stories or that happened to them at the same age.

2. Pet Stories

Even a good part of people who do not have pets would be interested in having one or are interested in the world of animals. That’s why talking about them usually gives play to create funny stories. For example, you can talk about the way different dog breeds, different species of pets, or about times when they have acted in a particularly humane way.

3. Travel to other continents

Talking about the countries that each one would like to visit is one of the topics of conversation that make it easier to generate interest. The reason is that you can choose from a wide variety of regions, and can also serve as a “directory” to address many other topics from the comments that come out about the different cultures, customs or anecdotes appeared while traveling.

Temas de conversación sobre viajes

4. Sons and daughters

People who have sons and daughters have one of the most fascinating topics of conversation: what it feels like to watch them grow up. Even those who have recently become parents can create camaraderie around what is going on during the months of caring for the baby.

5. Sports-related hobbies

The world of sports can also play to hold interesting conversations. Especially in those people who try to stay in shape and do not seek simple fun or entertainment. For example, you can talk about tricks to increase performance, ways to keep motivation high, etc.

6. Work

Although there is a myth to the contrary, many people are very fond of continuing to talk about their work even when their workday is over. This topic of conversation allows you to share opinions about certain types of work, problems that arise on a day-to-day basis, funny aspects of the work culture in which you are immersed, etc.

7. Movies, literature and video games

These three art forms are especially popular, and that means there are a lot of people “hooked” on them. Reviewing the billboard, for example, allows you to recommend or get movie recommendations, and the world of books also gives for many topics of conversation. In the case of video games, in addition, as the player is both spectator and participant of the action, it is possible to explain anecdotes.

8. The ideal holiday

Talking about what you could do if you had a generous amount of days off is also very stimulating and allows everyone to express their tastes and hobbies.

9. The world of technology

The constant technological advances that are emerging are a tireless engine for creating topics of conversation. In addition, these innovations affect many areas of life, so there is a wide variety of possible dialogues.

10. Sports

Mass sports and the monitoring of sporting events are also of great interest to many fans living throughout the planet. In fact, something as simple as wearing a sports team jersey can serve to generate topics of conversation with unknown people.

11. An ideal society

What would an ideal society look like, according to your views? One of the most interesting topics of conversation, as it allows everyone to talk about their values and their conception of justice, equality or freedom.

12. What is love?

Love is one of the most intense and difficult feelings to explain. That is why he always gives to talk at length, since each person can give a version of this concept according to their experiences.

Temas de conversación para el amor

13. Economic and environmental collapse

It has been official for a long time: the planet is overpopulated and we do not manage our consumption or our waste management well. With this in mind, several topics of conversation arise: what will the future look like? How will we survive? Will we be able to stop the disaster?

14. What is madness?

The border between lucidity and madness has always generated many debates. How do you know what the absence of madness is? What should the relationship between people with disorders and the rest of society look like?

15. What would we change about ourselves?

Everyone has flaws, and knows they do. However, some of them are accepted, while others we want to change them, evolve by overcoming them.

16. Medicine and pandemics

One of the most incredible health crises has happened recently with the Covid-19 coronavirus. This situation should give us food for thought and is a matter of debate: what preventive measures should governments take to prevent these pandemics? Is the globalized world a problem or a solution to these events? How to deal calmly with confinement?

17. What is the most complete sport?

Which sport brings us the greatest physical and mental benefits? Each person may have a different opinion on this matter.

18. Will YouTube replace TV?

The media is changing, and more with the arrival of platforms like YouTube. Does traditional television make sense today? What benefits does YouTube have compared to traditional networks?

19. What would you do in a post-apocalyptic future?

A fun topic of conversation that leaves us to imagine our roles as survivors in a world in which civilization has barely survived.

20. Could robots replace us?

A topic that gives room not only to imagine what the future will be like, but also to reflect on whether a robot can be considered a human being.

21. What is your favorite dog breed?

Dog breeds have the particularity that they not only present a great variety in terms of shapes and sizes, but also in terms of personality. Therefore, this question gives a lot of play.

22. In what past era would you have liked to live for a while?

A question about personal tastes in terms of historical epochs.

23. Historical events experienced

We all remember where we were when the most recent historical episodes of our time happened and how we felt at that moment. We may even have experienced them firsthand, so sharing them with other people can be an interesting and entertaining exercise.

24. Favorite Music

Music is one of the most personal tastes of each individual and one that reveals the most about the personality of all of us. Knowing what musical tastes the people we talk to have and also sharing our preferences, is a way to pass the time in an entertaining way.

25. Celebrities

An interesting and fun topic to talk between different people can also be that of the favorite celebrities of each one, as well as the reasons why such an actor, actress, athlete or famous in general, is our favorite, and what qualities represent us or fascinate us about him or her.

26. History

History is always a fascinating topic that we can deal with our relatives, and from which very varied, interesting and enjoyable conversations can be extracted. Whether we are experts or not, we can always learn from those who master the subject.

27. Family anecdotes

Another after-dinner classic, we all have stories about our family members that can be both interesting and fun. You can get a lot out of family anecdotes starring parents, uncles, grandparents or cousins, and without a doubt, we will have a good time both sharing them and listening to them.

28. Future prospects

Talking about what the future will hold and what expectations each of their future has, can be a topic of great interest to many people, which will undoubtedly give us a pleasant time to meet our guests.

29. Favorite Filmmakers

Talking about our favorite filmmakers and discussing why we think our choice is best can also be a great topic of conversation, as while we expose our cinematic tastes, we also learn those of others.

30. Kitchen

Gastronomic preferences also offer endless conversation possibilities to know the tastes of each one. In addition to that, you can also talk about each person’s favorite recipes or about the best ways to prepare one or another dish. This is one of the perfect topics of conversation for a dinner or for a meal with friends.

Temas de conversación para una cena

31. Love disappointments

The details of each one’s love life are always the favorite topics in conversations between friends and acquaintances. Both breakups, old partners that we may have had, and any other type of love disappointment are always the talk in social gatherings of any area and condition.

32. Latest social networks

The latest fashion social network or the recent news that has become popular in our favorite social network is also one of the topics that interest the most, especially among young people. Sharing our experiences and our tastes about this type of networks we will have, without a doubt, a very entertaining time.

33. Literature

Talking about the latest book we have read or the latest literary novelty can also be an entertaining conversation for lovers of reading. We will learn a lot about literature and recommended books, chatting with people who are interested in the subject.

34. Favorite Holidays

We all have a predilection for one holiday over another, especially when the holiday periods approach and proliferate in our country, the patron saint festivities in each town or city. Knowing what are the festivities of each of our friends or contertulios will provide us with very interesting leisure information for the future.

35. Favorite Series

With the rise of series produced in recent years, it is common to have a predilection for a series or a group of certain series, which we could see several times repeatedly. Commenting on our favorite series with other people, we will also discover those that may interest us to watch ourselves at home.

36. Television programmes

The fashion program that they are broadcasting lately on television and has us all hooked, will be an excellent topic of conversation among all those who are following it, as well as for those who do not know it and want to catch up on the latest news.

37. Art

Art is, without a doubt, a vast topic from which you can draw countless interesting conversations. Exchanging ideas with a good connoisseur of art, whatever the field, will give us new knowledge and impressions, as well as a starting point to maintain our artistic instruction.

38. Economy

For some years, the economy has been a topic that has taken on special relevance in talk shows and current affairs programs on television and radio. Talking kindly about the current economic situation of the country or the international situation, will bring us knowledge and a pleasant conversation.

39. Last movie viewed

A topic that can be interesting for both film lovers and occasional viewers, is to comment on the last film we have seen. Take note of the latest movies you haven’t seen that may be interesting.

40. Philosophy

Philosophy is a fascinating area of knowledge, from which, without a doubt, we can learn many things from life and also from ourselves. If we are lucky enough that the people around us are interested in philosophy or the best-known philosophers, we can learn a lot.

41. Euthanasia

One of the most fashionable ethical debates in our societies is that of the right to life and death. Can a physically disabled person decide to end his or her life? To what extent should the medical authorities assist you in your wish? What protocols or procedures should be necessary for a doctor to decide that someone should receive assistance in dying? It is a very deep debate and one that can generate very divergent opinions.

42. Video games and violence

To what extent can certain video games generate violent behavior? Can they trivialize violent actions and normalize cruelty? It is a widespread debate among pedagogues and child psychologists around the world.

43. The transition to renewable energy

How should we transition towards green energy? A topic of conversation as interesting as it is complex, which invites us to imagine a better society in the future. However, personal priorities and preferences are expressed in these types of conversations (or even debates). For example, at what pace should this transition from one energy source to another be carried out to protect the environment? What are the best sources of renewable energy? Where should these facilities be located?

44. Scary stories

Many people enjoy a good scary story, even knowing that it is based on events that never happened or on exaggerations. The sense of mystery has a great ability to “hook” the audience.

45. Fantasy or science fiction?

Among lovers of fiction stories, these two genres are among the most popular. However, the two present fundamental differences that can serve to reveal the tastes of each person. Which do you prefer, escape in a fictional world, or explore existential questions through hypothetical realities in which technology gives unimaginable possibilities?

46. How to govern?

Posing a hypothetical scenario in which the other person governs a country is a good way to delve into the issue of what a State governed by your interlocutor would be like; In this way, everyone can express what their ideal model of society is and what your values are.

47. Tastes about clothing and fashion

Talking about tastes when it comes to clothing can be a way both to explain what we like aesthetically, and to discuss the fashion industry itself and its influence on society.

48. How do you work better?

Talking about how you like to work or how you think you perform more in the world of work is a way to explore your work philosophy.

49. Collective and individual freedoms

Where does the freedom of each one end and where do the interests of the collective begin? A subject that has given much in the field of political philosophy.

50. Controversial prohibitions

What would you like to ban but would generate a great backlash from society? A way to talk about issues in which we have positioned ourselves in an unusual way.

51. How to recognize sects?

For a collective to be considered a sect there must be clear elements of mysticism, references to the afterlife and a very closed symbology? Or can there be more modernized and hard-to-identify sects?

52. Nature preservation measures

Another very interesting topic of conversation is for everyone to explain the environmental policies they would apply to protect nature, establishing their priorities and preferences for certain animals, plants, etc.

53. Attitudes towards polyamory

In recent years, polyamory has been gaining popularity. Is this a true alternative to traditional love? Is it more of a passing fad? Or is it the most genuine form of love, going beyond traditional roles based on the institution of marriage?

54. The rationality of the human being

This is a topic of conversation that will appeal especially to lovers of philosophy: is the human being really a rational animal? To what extent are we guided by logic and our ability to think rationally, and not by feelings disguised as rationality?

55. Rewilding

Another topic for lovers of nature, animals and biology in general. Rewilding is a phenomenon that has gained strength in recent years, and consists of “renaturalizing” areas that for years have been damaged by human activity. How would you make a region a natural space again? What locally extinct species would you reintroduce?

56. The limits of emotional dependence

An interesting topic of conversation both to use with our partner and with good friends: what is the limit between a healthy relationship in which there is a commitment to make coexistence work, and one in which everything is reduced to constantly sacrificing without it really making us happier. Talking about it can help you understand what everyone’s values are.

57. Living in the present or having a future perspective

Two very different ways of understanding life: an opportunity to enjoy the present, or a way to manage resources and time to achieve ambitious long-term goals. What is more satisfying or brings us closer to happiness?

58. What are the most important subjects?

This is another of those issues that always raise controversy and are on everyone’s lips. Which subjects or subjects of compulsory education or preparation for universities should be promoted the most, and which are overvalued?

59. Anecdotes going to party

An entertaining topic that can be used to make known our less formal side: what have been the strangest, funniest or surreal experiences that have happened to you partying?

60. What language would you like to learn?

Learning a new language is usually a project that helps both professionally and personally. What language of the world do you feel most interested in?

Some final recommendations

In addition to keeping these topics of conversation in mind, it is good to consider the following points when generating interesting dialogues:

1. Avoid politics if you’re with strangers

Many people are very suspicious when it comes to giving their opinion about aspects of the policy, so this option is not recommended. It is not a very good idea because it can generate arguments and distrust.

2. Avoid ready-made phrases

You may know that there are certain topics of conversation that generate more interest than others, but beyond that avoid starting a dialogue with very rigid schemes about how the evolution of this should be. Spontaneity is the most desirable.

For example, to have a good repertoire of topics and not fall into clichés it is good to read books especially related to the human mind.

3. Don’t fall for clichés

Avoid prejudging the other person. For example, if you want to start by offering conversation topics to a woman, don’t assume she likes shopping. Flee from platitudes and hackneyed phrases. It treats everyone on the basis that they are human beings whose complexity will be revealed during the dialogue.