40 dirty words (to use in bed with your partner)

Many people like to hear certain things during intimacy.. There are those who want to hear romantic things, but according to some studies, most prefer to hear and say dirty words to increase excitement.

Whether during foreplay or during the climax moment they say it, the important thing is that it’s consensual and make sure this is comfortable. If so, then unleash your creativity to find exciting phrases and words.

40 dirty words and phrases you can use in bed

Dirty words and phrases are a fun way to warm up the environment.. In addition to using them in privacy, they can be very effective in creating an atmosphere long before. For example, you can send him these phrases throughout the day when you know they will already be seen.

To help your imagination run wild, we leave you 40 dirty words to use in bed that you can share with your partner. Surely you will like several of these to surprise your partner and excite her even more.

1. It feels so good that I want to scream.

Although it’s not a very high-pitched phrase, if you say it at the right time and with a sensual voice, you’ll surely excite him a lot.

2. I love how your tongue feels there.

Besides being a sensual phrase, is a way to go indicating what is what you like to get to know each other better.

3. You’re a bad boy.

Many men (and women) like to play roles and like to be made to feel like dirty and bad boys, so if your partner likes it, say it in your ear while you caress him.

4. Squeeze me harder.

Another way to tell your partner what you like. Tell her to squeeze some part of your body that you like best and use a suggestive and sensual voice to make it exciting.

5. I’ve been waiting for you and imagining the whole day.

A phrase you can use right in foreplay. Besides being very exciting you make it feel good and desired, that always increases the excitement.

6. It’s so big it hurts, but I want more.

At the moment of highest climax you can say something like that. It’s a dirty phrase that’s very exciting. Don’t forget to tell her in a sensual tone.

7. Put it in now.

After many previous games and that the intensity has increased, you can tell him this dirty phrase that will surely raise the temperature even more.

8. I feel so wet.

This sentence is very exciting because you will make him feel that he is doing a good job. That will make you more diligent and increase your security.

9. It’s getting really hard.

You can say this phrase with a very sensual and suggestive voice while you caress it. I’m sure it’ll raise the temperature even further.

10. You make me so hot.

You can say this to your ear when they’re just playing foreplay or just kissing you. These are magic words to take you to the next level.

Couple in bed

11. I’m touching myself right now.

Use some dirty phrases to send them by message throughout the day. You’ll surely get her excited and when you see them, there’ll already be a lot of intensity.

12. I’m not wearing any underwear today.

This is another phrase you can send to your partner before you meet. If you feel more daring, you can accompany it with a suggestive photo. But remember that you must have a lot of confidence in him and that he won’t misuse your photos.

13. I want to scream, it’s so exciting.

During the climax you can whisper this in his ear. Especially if they’re in a forbidden place or where you can’t shout much, it’s a phrase that helps raise the temperature.

14. I’ve had fantasies about this moment all day.

Some words are ideal to ignite the spark. This phrase may be useful for that. As soon as you see him and they start with a foreplay or kisses, tell him in a sensual voice.

15. Call me a bitch.

A few dirty words to turn on the temperature, surely many find it most exciting.

16. Scratch me hard.

Some dirty words also work to get you to tell her what you like. Lots of people like a little strong treatment. If his is even more intense, let him know.

17. I want to lick your whole body.

Imagine telling him this dirty phrase in the middle of a formal dinner. Something discreet to the ear that makes them get excited and ignite the spark of passion.

18. I want you to bring her in now.

If you want to move from pre-games to full action, you can tell him this phrase so he understands it clearly, and it’s also very exciting.

19. If you look at me like that, I get too hot.

Another way to excite your partner either before or during the pre-game to make them understand that you want to go further.

20. You thinking about what to wear today and me thinking about how to take it off.

You can send him this message in the morning if they don’t live together and get a smile for the rest of the day. If by nightfall they see each other, he won’t resist your charms.

21. Take my clothes off.

A strong, firm sentence to take you to the next level. Depending on the tone of voice and sensuality you use, it will be even more exciting.

22. You’ll get me there soon.

When they are in a very intense moment of the intimate relationship, you can say several dirty words to move them even more.

23. I can’t take it anymore, we have to do it now.

This is the kind of phrase you can use to move from pre-games to full action. I’m sure it’ll cause a lot of excitement.

24. You’re so sexy.

A short but very sensual phrase that excites anyone. Whether you send him a text or voice message or use it when you’re intimate.

25. I want this for myself every night.

Although it is a somewhat more romantic phrase, it can also work to raise the temperature if you say it at the exact moment with the most sensual voice you have.

26. You’re doing so well.

You can say something like that when you feel comfortable and to let him know that you like what he’s doing, this way he gets to know you better and you excite him.

27. Hit him harder.

Another dirty phrase to say in bed. I’m sure you’ll be able to excite him. Say this phrase to your ear and you’ll see that the intensity will increase.

28. Touch me here.

Said this phrase with all the sensuality and at the right time, is more than dirty very subtle but can be as exciting as bulls.

29. I want to eat you whole.

When you want things to become more fiery, throw this phrase with all your determination and you’ll see that it works.

30. Bite me there.

Remember that to a great extent, that these dirty phrases work, depend on your tone of voice and your sensual attitude.

31. I love the way you move.

If, in addition to saying something dirty, you want to make him feel good, tell him this phrase. If he feels self-confident, they tend to become more complacent and careful.

32. Stay inside.

With all the waste of sensuality you can, tell him this dirty phrase to excite him. I’m sure he’ll be thrilled.

33. I’m coming, he’s so rich.

Whether it’s in your ear or shouting, you can repeat this phrase at the moment of greatest climax. I’m sure it’ll excite him very much.

34. Do whatever you want to me.

By message or in person, this phrase always provokes reactions.

35. You’re bad, you’ve been very bad.

If you want to be a little tougher, use this phrase to excite him and take the relationship to a more intense side.

36. I’m a very bad girl.

Playing and role-playing or playing a role as a bad boy usually excites them a lot. Try this phrase and show off all your sensuality.

37. I like to feel your tongue all over my body.

A statement and phrase that I’m sure will excite you. Besides, it’s a good way to let him know he’s doing something you like.

38. You do it so well and you make me feel so rich.

A dirty phrase to continue the excitement. The important thing is the attitude and tone of voice to make a big impact.

39. I love it when you get hard.

This dirty phrase is usually liked by most men who like to hear things like that. So seize the moment and say it sensually.

40. That thing you’re doing makes me feel so hot.

If they like to listen to dirty phrases during intimacy, take advantage of letting them know what you like and at the same time excite them even more.