22 movies for teenagers that you can watch on Netflix

Netflix has a wide range of options for a good afternoon of movies. And we have to face it, teenage movies really love us all. They have good mood, romance, drama and happy endings.

If you think this streaming service doesn’t have a lot of variety, you’re wrong. We’ve made a list of 22 movies for teenagers to watch on Netflix. Some of them are already true classics and others have quickly won the hearts of the youngest.

The best movies for teenagers to see on Netflix

Here is a list of 22 movies you can see in this digital streaming service. In addition to films, they also offer an extensive catalogue of series, comedy specials and even some very interesting documentaries.

1. On the Edge of Seventeen (2017)

“On the edge of seventeen” or “My life at seventeen.” A musical comedy that tells the story of two best friends who see their friendship relationship endangered when love unexpectedly comes into the life of one of them.

2. Here and Now (2017)

“Here and now” was not released in Spain, but you can see it on Netflix. It’s a teenage love story that will really make you sigh. Two boys are attracted to each other even though their lives and tastes are totally different.

3. Clueless (1995)

“No Idea” in Latin America and “Fuera de onda” in Spain. While it’s an old movie, it’s become a classic. If you haven’t seen her you have to do it now, she’s kind of like the mother of teenage movies.

4. I kill giants (2017)

“I kill giants” is a film of drama and fantasy. To get out of adolescent romanticism, this film shows the story of a little girl who must learn to face reality, but the way she does it is much more interesting than usual.

5. Dude (2018)

“Dude” is a comedy and drama movie you’ll love. Tell the story of 4 friends and his final weeks in high school. Nothing is easy for them and they go through a lot of changes, but friendship and a lot of grass help them have a better time.

6. The advantages of being marginalized (2012)

“The perks of being a wallflower” in English or “The advantages of being invisible” in Latin America. It’s a drama and romance film but with a rather interesting approach that has already made it the film of the generation. Don’t miss Ezra Miller, Emma Watson and Logan Lerman together.

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22 films for teenagers - The advantages of being an outcast

7. Put yourself in my place (2003)

“Freaky friday” or “Crazy Friday.” a film of Lindsay Lohan’s golden years. It’s a film from the turn of the century, but it’s still charming. A mother and daughter exchange bodies and what really happens is a lot of fun.

8. 10 things I hate about you (1999)

“10 things I hate about you” is another classic teenager. It’s one of those old-fashioned tapes. Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger are the protagonists of an intense love story that no one expects. Really, it’s a movie you should see.

10 things I hate about you

9. My 15 years (2017)

“My 15 years” is an exclusive Netflix film. The arrival of this age is celebrated with a big party, but what if you don’t have someone to invite? Bia finds herself in this uncomfortable situation, but her father and friend come to the rescue.

10. The stand of the kisses (2018)

“The kissing booth” or “My first kiss.” is a romantic comedy that swept away at its premiere.. It’s another Netflix movie that caught the attention of all the teenagers, so much so that now there’s a second part. It’s definitely one of the most romantic teenage movies.

11. Princess by surprise (2001)

“The princess diaries” or “The princess diary” is starring Anne Hathaway. A shy teenage girl finds out she’s heiress to the throne of Genovia. But she’s not very convinced to give up her ordinary life.

12. The Hunger Games (2012)

“Hunger Games” is the first installment of a saga based on books of the same name. There is no doubt that this series has also become a classic of our times. A totally different story that will captivate you if you don’t already know it.

13. The Last Dance (2015)

The duff” is a teenage film you’ll find on Netflix. Blanca is a brilliant high school student who, to her surprise, realizes that the rest has given her a nickname and considers her fat and ugly. But she plans to change that.

14. Divergent (2014)

“Divergent” is definitely a movie that will impact you. Not all teenage movies are comedies or romance. This film develops in an apocalyptic future where society is divided into classes. A young woman discovers her place and fights against what seems to be an unavoidable destiny.

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22 films for teenagers

15. Beach rats (2017)

“Beach rats doesn’t seem to have much fame, but it is. a tape that’s sure to turn into a cult movie.. The protagonist’s father is very ill, while his mother pressures him to have a girlfriend. This boy has very different plans for his life, because he likes older men.

16. Bad Girls (2004)

“Mean girls” or also “heavy girls”, is another film from the good old days by Lindsay Lohan. It’s another film that marked an entire generation, so if you haven’t seen it, you have to, so you’ll understand the multiple references to this film, such as dressing in pink on October 3.

17. Alex Strangelove (2018)

“Alex Strangelove” is a Netflix production. A young man in high school tries to lose his virginity with his girlfriend, but it seems that everything changes when he meets a boy and realizes that he is also attracted to him.

18. To all the boys I fell in love with (2018)

“To all the boys I fell in love with” became a teenage movie hit. It’s a funny comedy about a shy girl who writes letters to guys she likes without intending them to read them, but that changes one day when for some reason, come into the hands of their lovers.

19. Our last summer (2019)

“Our Last Summer” is a teenage romantic comedy. Life changes when you get to college. These young people know this and spend their last summer as friends before taking different directions.

20. Battle (2018)

Battle” is a story far removed from the typical adolescent romances.. A young dancer has to face a different world when her father loses his fortune. When she meets someone who teaches her to enjoy dance and life in a way she never imagined.

21. The package (2018)

“The Package” is a comedy, produced exclusively by Netflix. It’s a light comedy story to make you laugh at ease. A group of friends go to a camp where everything moves normally until they are involved in an accident that changes everything.

22. A blow of coins (2017)

“Coin strike” or “Coin heist” is an exciting story. This teenage film shows a group of friends who plans to strike a coup to raise 10 million and rescue his school. Their ambition is great: they plan to enter the mint.