16 celebrities with hair transplant (photos with the result)

Alopecia is a condition that affects men the most.. No matter how successful and popular they are, when hair starts falling out and there’s no turning back, celebrities don’t run away either.

And it is that an abundant and healthy hair brings youth and beauty, provides security and undoubtedly makes a man look attractive. This does not mean that many women are also attracted to “bald celebrities” such as Bruce Willis or Vin Diesel, but in general men prefer to keep their hair and be able to decide which style to comb.

For this reason, celebrities have resorted to hair transplantation and most of them have obtained great results.

16 celebrities with hair transplant (spectacular result)

Nowadays there are hair transplant techniques with efficient and permanent results.. All of them are based on the principle of follicular micrografts that uses the same hair of the patient to graft it in the areas where it has fallen and, by means of later treatments, to make it grow and to return the abundance and the youthful aspect.

And because the life of these celebrities happens in front of the cameras, all are aware of themselves and their image is in the scrutiny of everyone, for this reason they have resorted to hair transplantation and the truth is that it has been a good decision with incredible results, at least for the fourteen celebrities we will see below.

1. Íker Boxes

Iker Casillas began to lose hair even when he was very young. Baldness is usually associated with men over the age of 50, however Íker Casillas resorted to hair transplantation at the age of 35. Her hair began to look thin and thin, so she decided to have the graft, and although she had some problems with the anesthesia, in the end everything was excellent. Casillas is the husband of journalist and model Sara Carbonero.

Íker Hair transplant boxes

2. Rafael Nadal

Rafael Nadal had the eyes of the press on when he made a hair transplant. In 2016 he underwent this treatment for which he had to shave completely, causing great commotion in the press and Social Networks. Currently it is rumored that Rafael Nadal requires a retouch, as it has returned to appear baldness in the crown of the head, however this is perfectly normal as it is a treatment that requires several sessions.

Rafael Nadal hair transplant

3. Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson underwent a hair transplant a few years ago.. Although he has never admitted it openly, in 2006 his new hair became notorious. Before this it was evident that baldness was beginning to appear, especially in the crown of the head, but suddenly he was seen with an abundant beard in combination with a thick hair, although he has refused to talk openly about the subject.

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Mel Gibson

4. John Travolta

John Travolta is another Hollywood celebrity who resorted to hair transplantation.. His case was very loud because the change was too radical. Normally hair transplants are performed gradually to optimize the results, however John Travolta decided not to wait too long and made the treatment in a short time, appearing from day to day with an abundant hair, although many felt that it was not the best result.

John Travolta hair

5. Kevin Costner

Kevin Costner underwent a hair graft even though his baldness was not as pronounced.. Unlike other celebrities, Kevin Costner didn’t have premature baldness, but he was beginning to have thinning hair and a less populated crown. This famous man did not wait for the problem to intensify and decided to undergo a hair transplant to recover his abundant and healthy youthful hair.

Kevin Costner

6. Mathew McConaughey

Mathew McConaughey began to lose his spectacular hair. A distinctive feature of this actor and an essential part of his look is an abundant and somewhat long hair with curls at the ends. The loss of hair left to see a McConaughey with some years of more on top, reason why without thinking it this famous one made a transplant of hair recovering his mane and leaving again that it grew to recover his personal style.

Matthew McConaughey

7. Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage began to look aged because of his prominent tickets. In 2013 this famous Hollywood actor resorted to hair grafting and to tell the truth it was the best thing he could do because his face looked rejuvenated after undergoing this treatment. In his case the hair reduction was more noticeable on the forehead, and the hair transplant was the perfect solution to recover the hair he was beginning to lose.

Nicolas Cage

8. Bonus

Bono underwent a hair transplant before the problem got complicated.. At 58, Bono still looks rocky and casual, but baldness put that image at risk. Although her hair looked very trimmed, the entries in the forehead were beginning to be very noticeable, for this reason she decided to undergo a hair graft that was very efficient and allowed her to wear a longer mane.

Hair Bonus

9. Julio Iglesias

Julio Iglesias is one of the celebrities with hair transplant. In his youthful years, Julio Iglesias had spectacular, semi-long and abundant hair. But over the years the baldness appeared and underwent a hair graft becoming one of the first celebrities in the world to perform this treatment. To tell you the truth, the result was spectacular, but in recent years you have begun to see yourself with scarce hair again. This seems logical since Julio was born in 1943, so he is already a very veteran singer.

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Julio Iglesias hair

10. José Bono

José Bono is one of the few politicians who admits to having had a hair transplant.. Although his profession does not depend entirely on his image, this lawyer and politician decided to recover lost hair by means of a hair graft. In his case the baldness was very prominent in all the forehead, reason why the transplant was realized in this zone allowing that it was covered completely, although it maintains it short to continue shining formal and clean.

José Bono hair

11. Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney is one of the most famous footballers with premature baldness.. At the age of 25, the English striker was beginning to appear bald, especially at the entrance to the forehead, making him look much older. Thanks to this Wayne Rooney looks according to his age.

Wayne Rooney hair

12. Cesc Fàbregas

Cesc Fàbregas joins the list of sportsmen and women with hair transplants. The Spanish footballer, however, has never openly admitted to having undergone this treatment. The assumptions began because in 2014, when Cesc belonged to Chelsea, he was seen with prominent tickets, while by 2016 he was seen with a more abundant hair and a much more populated forehead.

Cesc Fabregas hair

13. Albert Rivera

The Spanish politician, founder and leader of Citizens, also seems to have gone through this capillary intervention.. As we can see in the image, less than a decade ago Rivera had important clearings on his head, but today his hair is in iron health.

Albert Rivera hair

14. Joaquín Prat

Popular TV presenter Joaquín Pratwho was recently fired after many years at Telecinco, also underwent this aesthetic intervention. His current toupee contrasts with the prominent entrances he wore years ago.

Joaquín Prat hair

15. Jude Law

The British actor, born in 1972, also went through surgery to fix those prominent entrances.. Since then, her styles and hairstyles have left no one indifferent.

Hair Transplant

16. Alfonso Pérez Muñoz

Another footballer, ex FB Barcelona and Betis, who changed his look in a few months thanks to hair grafts. The result, in this case, is spectacular.

Alfonso Pérez Muñoz